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Cable Beach/ Man killed in a shark attack on Cable beach Australia , Wiki, Bio, Shark attack, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Cable Beach

Man has been killed while swimming on beach

On Sunday morning, a man was killed in a shark attack on Cable Beach in Broome, northwestern Australia.

The attack took place about a mile north of the Cable Beach Surf Club.

Police pulled the man out of the water and treated him before the paramedics arrived from St. John.

The beach has been closed and local residents are asked to be careful.

It is believed that the shark is still in the wild and its species is not yet known.

The Washington Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development said a fishing patrol boat was monitoring the area.

Surf Live Saving WA Beach patrol ended last month.

Cable Beach is a popular tourist spot and has also seen numerous infestations of saltwater crocodiles and jellyfish over the years.