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Camilo Morejon

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A Texas man Camilo Morejon posted a video of himself drinking and driving live on Facebook minutes before he crashed into his car and killed all three passengers.

Camilo Morejon Age

47-year-old Camilo Morejon was drinking a bottle of beer with his girlfriend and two other people in Jersey Village on Sunday while riding a silver Honda. This is evident from the video that was posted on Facebook at 7:47 a.m. local time.

In the video, Morejon, who spoke in Spanish, bragged about driving better while drinking, KPRC-TV reported, citing prosecutors.

Less than ten minutes later, Morejon crashed into a black van, killing its passengers, according to the report.

Morejon and the driver of the delivery truck were seriously injured.

According to the report, the accident was filmed and shows Morejon accelerating before the collision.

Camilo Morejon charged with poisoning and a number of poisoning attacks

Morejon has been charged with poisoning and a number of poisoning attacks on three cases of manslaughter, the prosecutor said.

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