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Who was Cari Farver ( Stalker kills romantic rival, then spends years pretending to be her in text messages ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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The Friday episode of ABC’s “20/20” will investigate the case of a Nebraska woman Shanna Golyar who killed her romantic Cari Farver rival in 2012 and then posed as a victim on text messages and so on for four years on social networks.

Shanna Golyar and Cari Farver Age

Shanna Golyar, 45, is currently serving a life sentence for the death of Cari Farver, 37, last seen in Omaha. Farver was never found, but evidence presented in court showed that Golyar stabbed her.

Dave Kroupa told “20/20” that he dated Golyar for two weeks after meeting on a dating site. He claimed his relationship with her had become sexual, but he was frank about his intention to continue seeing other women.

Kroupa met Farver after about six months in his relationship with Golyar at work. Farver entered the garage where Kroupa had his SUV checked.

Kroupa is said to have asked Farver to come out. On their first date, Farver told Kroupa that she didn’t want to have a serious relationship – what Kroupa said “20/20” was a relief.

Kroupa remembered Farver leaving his apartment and walking past Golyar in the hallway. At that time, Golyar unexpectedly went to Kroupa to pick up his things.

Cari Farver a computer programmer

ABC reported that Farver, a computer programmer, stayed with Kroupa because she had a big project at work and her apartment was just around the corner from work. Kroupa said on November 13, 2012 that he kissed Farver goodbye – this was the last time Farver was seen alive.

Kroupa told “20/20″ that he had received a certain text from Farver later that evening, in which she had asked to live with him permanently. He said the news was particularly suspicious as they had already agreed not to live together.

When Kroupa replied no, he said Farver immediately replied, “Very well. I hate you. I’m with someone else. I do not want to see you. Go away.”

Farver was not home when Kroupa returned from work. Two days later, Kroupa’s phone was inundated with texts he said was Farver explaining how much she hated him and how awful he was according to ABC.

Golyar claimed to be Farver in the tens of thousands of emails and texts she sent to Kroupa in the years following Farver’s disappearance. Using Farver’s phone, Golyar wrote to Farver’s mother saying she had found a new job. Golyar also contacted Farver’s employer as Farver and quit his job – and announced that Goylar would take his position, KETV reported.

In January 2013, Kroupa saw Farvers’ Ford Explorer on her way home from work. He called the police, who eventually located the vehicle and discovered a single fingerprint that did not belong to either the missing woman or anyone in the national database.

Investigators later found footage of Farver’s vehicle in Golyar’s photo dump. The photos were taken a month after Farver’s reported disappearance, according to ABC.

Following the execution of a search warrant, authorities discovered several email accounts linking Goylar to messages sent by Farver after his disappearance in 2012.

Authorities also found Golyar’s memory card containing photos of Farver’s decaying foot and thigh. They also restored an email sent from one of Golyar’s fake email accounts, according to KETV, explaining how the murder happened.

Golyar was arrested in connection with Farver’s alleged murder in December 2016.

In addition to the first degree murder, Golyar was convicted of arson for setting her own home on fire in August 2013. She initially accused Farver of starting the fire that killed her two dogs, a cat and a snake, according to the Omaha World Herald.

ABC News reported that Golyar maintains his innocence and claims that Farver’s killer is still there.

The state Supreme Court upheld Golyar’s conviction for first degree murder in November 2018. The court found that prosecutors had produced enough evidence to prove that a murder had occurred, even though Farver’s body had never been found.

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