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Carl Muller

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Carl Muller was born on 22 October 1935. He was a journalist, poet and writer. He was known best for his trilogy about Burghers in Sri Lanka.

Causes of Death

Carl Muller was suffering from dementia that has been getting worse over the last few years. He has lost his ability to write, to find numbers, to distinguish dreams from reality. Car Muller forgot our names and became unstable and angry and things he did not understand, but even more so when he could not understand himself.

He was treated by the family until the end. My mother did not send him home, but she stayed with him and took care of him to the last breath – her concern for her own health vanished as a sacrifice to her father. Minette, my sister, was also there … and helped, caring and praying. Michelle, the eldest of my two sisters, lives next door, and her prayers for Dada’s health and recovery insisted.

I was not at his side when he took a last breath, but it was my mother and sister Minette. I got the call at two in the morning and I knew with all my heart that I needed to be called to let them know my father was gone.
It’s a painful weight in my chest as I write those words, knowing that I’ll never see him again. It started when I saw my sister’s name on my morning screen and has not disappeared yet. It feels like painful breathing that I can not breathe properly.

My father Carl Müller has achieved a lot in his life. He was a sailor, then a soldier. He married young and when the marriage ended, he literally held the baby in his hand. He raised his first child, Ronnie, more or less alone.

He did not marry before his 35th birthday. I remember him laughing and telling us that my mother’s parents did not know if they were sitting or standing as fast as he had married my mother. He met her in April, became engaged in May, and married in June. He knew he had found his bride and wasted no time tying the knot.

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