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Cassandra Carter
Jerry Fox

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  • Jerry Fox, 71, was found dead in his apartment on Seaman Avenue near West 207th Street in Inwood early Wednesday morning.
  • The fiancée of Fox’s adopted son, Cassandra Carter, was seen escaping the crime scene via an escape ladder.
  • She told police that she “did what she had to do” because Fox raped her
  • A neighbor said Fox came to her home hours before she died to call the police because he was “physically afraid” of her.
  • Neighbors said they were aware of the “clashes” between the two men before Wednesday.
  • Carter was arrested and charged with second degree murder
  • The 27-year-old was charged Thursday and will appear in court on Monday.

A 27-year-old woman who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend’s older father in her Manhattan apartment claimed she did it because he raped her.

Jerry Fox, 71, was found dead in a pool of blood with cuts to his neck, torso, legs and hands in the early hours of Wednesday morning when police responded to multiple calls to the building on nearby Seaman Avenue. from 207th West. Inwood Road.

The fiancée of Fox’s adopted son, Cassandra Carter, was seen fleeing the scene down an escape ladder before stopping and telling police that she “did what she had to do” by raping her, authorities said.

Carter was arrested and charged with second degree murder and tried Thursday.

Police received multiple calls to the second-floor apartment that Fox shared with his son around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday morning.

When officers arrived at the scene, they saw Carter walking down the fire escape and walking away, prosecutors said Thursday.

A sergeant called her and first sped up in an apparent attempt to escape before stopping and speaking to the officer about her alleged sexual assault.

“The guy in the apartment raped me,” he told the police officer, according to the criminal complaint.

Carter would have said that she and Fox had cut each other and sprayed him with roach spray, but she thought he was now dead.

“I did the right thing. I think he’s dead, I cut him and he cut me. I sprayed him with roach spray. He’s in the apartment where I left him,” she said.

Carter then gave the agent a key to the apartment and they went inside to find Fox’s bloody body with multiple cuts on the floor, prosecutors said.

The 71-year-old, who previously worked as an IT financial research analyst for Verizon Communications via his social media, was pronounced dead on the spot.

Carter was arrested Wednesday night for murder.

Authorities have not confirmed whether there is evidence of the alleged rape or whether the prosecution influenced the decision to file the charge of second-degree murder instead of first-degree murder.

A spokesperson told that the force takes rape reports “extremely seriously” and offers assistance to survivors.

“The NYPD takes rape and sexual assault cases very seriously and requires anyone who has been a victim to file a police report so that we can conduct a full investigation and provide support and services to survivors,” the statement reads.

A neighbor told the New York Daily News that Fox had arrived at her apartment hours before she died due to an alleged argument with Carter.

Fox told the neighbor that Carter locked himself in her room with her phone and asked to call the police on her phone because he was “physically afraid” of her.

“Did she call the police? She was physically afraid of him because he is big and strong,” said the neighbor.

He said Fox used her phone but did not listen to what the 71-year-old told police when he called.

Then police arrived on the scene and “there was a lot of yelling and screaming” from Fox’s apartment, the neighbor said.

The incident occurred during dinner Tuesday, he said, just hours before authorities discovered Fox’s body.

The neighbor described Fox as a “good boy” who carried the “burden” of his son’s girlfriend who had become an “unwanted guest” in his house.

“We have heard screams before. I think he became an unwanted guest, “they said.

Another neighbor told the store that they are aware of the Fox-Fox dispute.

“I feel really bad for him. Because he was religious and really tried to be a good person.

It was unclear if Carter lived in the apartment with Fox and her son, or if he just visited them regularly.

Police sources told the Daily News that Carter had been arrested at least once in the past because of an incident in 2016 at the apartment where she was accused of setting fire to a carpet.

Carter was tried and denied bail in the Manhattan Criminal Court Thursday.

The next time he will go to court on Monday.