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Who is Catherine Maughan ( Sued Great Ormond Street Hospital for discrimination ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigation and More Facts

Catherine Maughan

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A claim by a hospital worker Catherine Maughan on Great Ormond Street that she had been bullied as a Christian and labeled a “stupid northerner” and “stupid white slut” was rejected by a labor court.

Catherine Maughan filed a lawsuit against London Children’s Hospital alleging she was discriminated against on the basis of her gender, race and religion.

Catherine Maughan Age

The data manager, 36, from North Yorkshire, claimed NHS staff told her not to drink alcohol after work as it would offend Muslims and claimed she had faced racist abuse and threatening behavior.

She added that an affidavit in front of the Labor Court told her to “accept that in black African culture men dominate women” and that she felt “extremely worried, stressed and concerned about their safety”.

Five hours of wages were deducted from her wages if she left work on a Friday afternoon without permission, she said.

Miss Maughan said she was so stressed that her hair fell out, she was prescribed antidepressants and she started seeking advice.

The Central London Labor Court dismissed her allegations of bullying, ruling that she was not a victim of racial or gender discrimination. His claim of religious discrimination was false, he concluded.

Labor Judge Harjit Kaur Grewal

The panel, chaired by Labor Judge Harjit Kaur Grewal, concluded that Ms. Maughan’s wages had been wrongly deducted.

The verdict read: “The unanimous verdict of the tribunal is: The complaints about direct racial discrimination are unfounded.

Complaints about direct gender discrimination are unfounded. The victimization complaint is unfounded. The complaint about the unauthorized wage deduction is well founded. “”

Great Ormond Street Hospital welcomed the verdict, saying that its hardworking staff justified any mistake.

A spokeswoman told MailOnline: “The labor court lawsuit between the NHS Foundation Trust of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and Ms. Maughan has been sentenced.

“All allegations of discrimination and victimization were found to be unfounded and rejected.

“The only complaint accepted was a minor technical complaint about salaries.”

Maughan began working at Great Ormond Street Hospital on a fixed-term contract in January 2015. Her position was finalized in February 2016. She worked in the cardiac intensive care unit.

However, the allegations related to a new assignment that she accepted in the hospital’s neonatal screening department in July 2018, where she was promoted to head of the data bureau.

The 43-page verdict found there was tension within the small team of laboratory assistants, agency staff, and trainees Maughan had to administer, all of which were under the general control of the head of screening. Newborn Adeboye Ifederu.

The court found that former data manager Esther Acanit had only worked in the position and manager for six months before testifying Alice Munn on behalf of Miss Maughan.

She told the court that Mr. Ifederu intimidated and yelled at her.

However, the court ruled that Ms. Munn was not a reliable or impartial witness.

Ms. Munn had previously described Mr. Ifederu as “miserable and sadistic” and called him a “wild beast”.

The court heard that Mr. Ifederu had warned Ms. Maughan about the “various personalities of the team” and that she should be vigilant of members who “openly and not slowly raise concerns”.

Maughan told the court that she was so concerned about the hostility of her new work environment that she started keeping a diary of the events that worried her the first day.

However, the court dismissed her entries as evidence, believing she did not document the crossword puzzles and confrontations until months after she entered.

In the verdict, Justice Grewal wrote: “We found it extremely unlikely that an employee would journal entries within minutes of starting a new job or on the first day of a new job.

“We noticed that the applicant started preparing the document entitled“ Agenda ”between September 3 and November 8, 2019.