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Who is Chandler Owen Donkersgoed ( Man nearly knocks officer unconscious in patrol car on I-15 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, incident details, Victim, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Chandler Owen Donkersgoed

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A Utah County man Chandler Owen Donkersgoed accused of kicking an officer in the head and knocking him almost unconscious while driving faces multiple charges.

Chandler Owen Donkersgoed Age

Chandler Owen Donkersgoed, 28, has been arrested for aggravated assault, first degree felony, assault on a peace officer, class A misdemeanor, criminal mischief, class B misdemeanor, poisoning, class C misdemeanor and disorderly behavior, a felony, according to an affidavit the probable cause.

Officers replied to Pleasant Springs Apartment Homes on Monday, where they found a woman screaming and crying for help. Officers contacted the woman and Donkersgoed, who was “very drunk”.

After Donkersgoed left the apartment, he resisted the officers, was handcuffed and sat down. While other officers were talking to the woman, Donkersgoed stood up and screamed. An officer asked him to remain seated, but he refused. The officer tried to hold it down by squeezing it when Donkersgoed tried to get up. It threw the 28-year-old man in the face, officials said.

The man started yelling, “All cops are bad,” as officers transported Donkers to a police vehicle where he started kicking officers, the affidavit said.

“Once in the vehicle, Chandler started banging his face and forehead against the door glass. Then I saw Chandler put both feet on the window and start pushing and kicking, all the way to the top, almost breaking the glass is, “reported the official. “To keep Chandler safe and to ensure that the truck was not damaged, Chandler was removed from the vehicle and restrained. Chandler’s feet were put in flexible cuffs and he was placed back in a vehicle and buckled up.”

Donkersgoed was hospitalized before being interned in Utah County Jail.

On the way to the prison Donkersgoed kicked the policeman in the back of the head with both feet. The officer reported that it nearly knocked him out while driving on the HOV lane off Interstate 15 near Center Street in Orem.

“I started seeing stars, got nauseous, and collided with the mean mean of I-15,” the official wrote in the affidavit. “Chandler kicked me a couple of times when I called for help.”

The officer was able to activate the lights of the car, leave the motorway and remove Donkersgoed from the vehicle. He was held on the ground until other officers arrived.