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Who is Charity Lee ( Devastated mum FORGAVE killer son who molested and stabbed her four-year-old daughter ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, investigation and More Facts

Charity Lee

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CHARITY Lee has every reason to hate his son after s*xually assaulting and brutally murdering his daughter. Despite the savage and calculating attack Paris Bennett made on four-year-old Ella, she is not angry but forgives her son.

Paris Bennett was 13 when he snuck into his little sister’s bedroom

Paris Bennett was 13 when he snuck into his little sister’s bedroom while she slept and tortured and stabbed her to death – after persuading her babysitter to come home.

Ella was found with 17 stab wounds covering her tiny body, and Paris’ semen was found on her sister and in her bed during the 2007 attack.

The 46-year-old Texas charity described its heart-wrenching history in a treatise titled “How Now, Butterfly ?: A Treatise on Murder, Survival, and Transformation.”

The book tells their story through a series of moving diary entries, revealing shocking details about the merciless murder.

This involves Bennett watching violent porn for hours before murdering his sister and s*xually assaulting her.

Paris did not stab at her sister’s frenzied aggression wounds, but they were “slow and methodical, not furious, no out of control anger.” They were not all deep ”.

He called a friend of his from school and spoke for six minutes before finally calling 911.

She found out that he was browsing graphic porn like S&M, Bondage, and Sadism, and even looked for snuff movies in the hours leading up to her daughter’s murder.

Paris was jailed for 40 years, but Charity has forgiven her son for his hideous crime and visits him regularly – although he was attacked by him during his visit.

“My son is a psychopath. I can’t help it. It may not matter in the long run. What may be important is that I also can’t give it up at this point, ”she writes.

But she adds: “I love my firstborn as intensely as I have ever since found out I was pregnant with him.”

Her book ends in 2011 and that year she founded the ELLA Foundation – which stands for empathy, love, teaching and action.

The charity helps those affected by violence, mental illness and the criminal justice system.

In 2012, she gave birth to “a happy, loving, intelligent, stubborn and stubborn 6 year old” named Phoenix.

Charity says she is honest with him about who her brother is and even allows them to talk on the phone sometimes.

“My critics like to disparage me for allowing Paris to speak to Phoenix,” she wrote.

“They tell me what a terrible mother I am for allowing the child who murdered my child to talk to my other child.

“I’m giving Phoenix an example. An example of what unconditional love and forgiveness looks and works. ”