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Charles Frederick Heller

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Charles Frederick Heller claims he killed Dustyn Hunt-Bagby in self-defense

For nearly two years, Dustyn Hunt-Bagby’s friends and family have wondered if his alleged killer will be prosecuted. You finally have an answer.

Charles Frederick Heller, 49, was charged Monday by the Snohomish County Supreme Court with second-degree murder.

When sheriff’s deputies responded to Heller’s home in the Silver Lake area outside Everett on February 25, 2019, they faced slightly conflicting stories, but two concomitant facts: Charles Heller pulled the trigger and Hunt-Bagby died of a gunshot wound. on the chest.


Charles Heller claims he fired the gun in self-defense and claims Hunt-Bagby strangled him, records show. His daughter, Lauryn Heller, 20, claimed that Hunt-Bagby had not attacked in any way.

Hunt-Bagby, 21, a musician named PrettyBoi Nabii, had dated Lauryn Heller a few weeks before her death. The night she died, they drank wine and watched movies in her bedroom.

Her parents could hear him laugh and talk. His rule was that they could have company, but no one could stay the night. They told detectives that they did not like the people they brought and that they were thinking of kicking them out of the house.

Incident details

Charles Frederick Heller and his wife reported leaving the house for dinner. When they returned around 8pm, they could still hear that someone was with their daughter. Charles Heller told a detective that he didn’t feel threatened by anyone inside her house, he just wanted her to get out of it. His wife noticed that her daughter looked happy.

Around 10pm, Charles Frederick Heller would text his daughter saying that everyone had to leave at 10.30pm. He then took a loaded gun and placed it on the coffee table in front of him, his wife told detectives.

When no one left at 10:30, Charles Heller knocked on his daughter’s door, reminding her that her company had to go.

Lauryn Heller thought she was trying to outwit her father. She already had, she informed herself. She left the house alone and turned off the light behind her while Hunt-Bagby hid under the bed.

His parents said they were more concerned because they knew someone had broken up. Charles Heller came up to search the room, armed with a loaded pistol. He told a detective that it was “better to be safe than to apologize,” although he reportedly admitted that he never armed himself when he ransacked his daughter’s room in the past.

A detective asked him what was different this time.

“There is something wrong with the situation,” he said, according to the allegations. “When she and I went out alone and found that someone was still there, something was wrong.

He searched the room twice. The second time he looked under the bed and saw that Hunt-Bagby was only wearing underwear and a shirt.

When she was outside, Lauryn Heller told investigators, she saw the lights go on and then off.

She then she started again. 30 seconds have passed. She heard her father scream.

She ran back, she reported, and saw her father and Hunt-Bagby across the room, on the other side of the bed. She yelled at Hunt-Bagby to get dressed and get out. The young man appeared to obey, Charles Heller later told a detective. He said that he had not seen a weapon.

Lauryn Heller shared her story in a video posted to YouTube to raise awareness about the case.

“I saw my dad there with a gun and jumped in front of him,” he said in the video, “because I thought if he saw me he could put it on. ashore and stop ”.

According to her, her father’s finger was on the trigger.

“This point was important to Lauryn and played a big part in her fear because her father, who had previously served in the military, had a background in gun handling and taught her not to press the gun. trigger if you are not ready to fire. Deputy District Attorney Bob Langbehn wrote in the indictment.

According to the father and daughter, Hunt-Bagby has grown closer. Charles Heller reported that he believed Hunt-Bagby was trying to strangle him. Lauryn Heller said she was just trying to move the gun so that it was no longer pointed at her.

All three are said to have fallen to bed during the short fight.

Charles Heller said he got up, aimed at Hunt-Bagby’s shoulder, and shot once.

Charles Frederick Heller admitted

“He admitted that he never thought of hitting the victim or hitting him with the pistol and that the shooting was entirely deliberate (rather than the pistol fired accidentally) because, in his opinion, he feared the victim would try to strangle him Langbehn wrote.

Lauryn Heller called 911 for the first time. She was desperate. Someone was hit, he said. Someone had to appear “immediately”.

The second call came from Charles Heller’s wife. She was calm. “Yes, I need the police in our house, we have someone in our house that we don’t want,” he said.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived, law enforcement reports said Lauryn Heller was hysterical on the porch. “My father shot him,” he told the officers.

Charles Frederick Heller was inside, putting pressure on Hunt-Bagby’s injury. Hunt-Bagby was no longer breathing. The agents tried to resuscitate him, but failed.

Hunt-Bagby was never able to tell his side of the story to the police. According to Lauryn Heller, before she died she only said, “They shot me.”

There was a Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol on the kitchen table. On the floor of a room was an ammunition store with a missing bullet. The coroner fired Hunt-Bagby’s back that matched the one found in the clip.

Charles Heller was not arrested that night. The investigation was delayed for a year and a half while the sheriff’s office waited for the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory to process the evidence.

Meanwhile, friends and family said they heard that Hunt-Bagby’s death was swept under the carpet. They held a rally outside the Snohomish County courthouse. They opened a Facebook page called the Justice for Dustyn Coalition, where they shared photos of Hunt-Bagby and his music. However, the group was unable to provide some updates on the case as it had not been long.

Charles Frederick Heller is currently free until trial.

Hunt-Bagby’s mother Lisa Ledbetter responded to a request for comment via text message:

“My family and I have waited and waited for some kind of justice and the longer we waited the more a little trust and hope was lost each day. I began to lose all hope of justice. I felt like he had gradually forgotten and put that aside. I know that no matter what, nothing will bring my child back or take away the daily pain of knowing that I will never see him again. She’ll never get married, have no kids, have no career, come to family dinners, meet her new baby sister, but this decision makes it a bit easier to deal with the pain when she knows the man who has done this and that ‘Justice will be given, brother. Life will be uncomfortable and you will not be alone. It also allowed him to breathe easier. Much of the anger I have inside is gone a lot. “