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Charles Ray Finch

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Charles Ray Finch spent more than 40 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

Now Wilson County is giving him millions to make up for that.

43 years is the time Finch says he can never return after being wrongly imprisoned for murder, and no amount of money can change that.

“Let me go free, they won’t let me go out with anything. They just threw me out like a dog, “he said.

The 83-year-old watches the world go by under his porch in Wilson. For a long time, that was all he could do.

“It still makes me cry, how long have I been in jail,” Finch said.

Finch sued county

Finch was found not guilty and released in 2019. He sued the county, and that week they reached a $ 2 million settlement with Wilson County that would pay him $ 1 million by June 10, followed by two payments of $ 500,000 the next year.

In a statement, Wilson County commissioners said they believed the deal was appropriate. But Finch disagrees.

“I don’t think it’s enough for the time I’ve been spending,” he said. “I spent 43 years in prison. Besides, they sentenced me to death, they just didn’t kill me.”

Finch says $ 2 million won’t be enough for him and his seven children.

And some of these people say there is no price that can make up for what Finch went through in prison.

“There is not enough money to cope with the situation he went through, the 43 years in prison, the loss of his family and all that he has forgotten,” said Finch’s son Michael Jones.

Finch is conducting a federal lawsuit against two people in the State Bureau of Investigation who he alleges mistreated his case.

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