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Chicago police are retiring twice than their  normal rate, wiki,bio

At least 110 police officers are retiring within the next two months

Chicago police recently pulled twice as much as usual, a trend that some officials say may continue and could leave city streets unofficial.

Chicago police retirement information: At least 110 police officers will retire in the next two months, and retirements in 2020 are expected to be higher than in the past two years, said Michael Lappe, vice chairman of the board of directors for the Chicago Police Annuities and Benefits Fund.

“This is unheard of,” Lappe told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We are seeing twice the average number of retirees each month. The average is about 24 per month.”
Lappe partly blamed the exodus for a change in health insurance performance, while the president of the police union, John Catanzara, pointed a finger at Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s treatment of officers.

“I have no doubt that it will continue, and I can clearly see a smaller peak within the upper ranks [of the] lieutenants and superiors,” Catanzara said. “Who wants to stay in this environment? If you have the opportunity to leave, there is no longer any incentive to stay.

“The mayor does not support us,” he continued. “If you have the financial capacity to do that, I don’t blame anyone for leaving.”

Anthony Beale, a Chicago district councilman, said he saw the recent trend at a meeting last week.

“From the time I entered the police headquarters until I left, which was about 35 minutes, there were nine or ten officers who approached me and said they were standing. going, “he told the newspaper.” All the people who passed me said, ‘Hey, Beale, I’m leaving here.’


”We are short of officers now and I am afraid that as people retire, we will be even more short of officers on the street,” he continued. “We work twice, three times as many agents. It’s only a matter of time before the agents are completely exhausted.”

Protests, skirmishes and riots in the past two weeks in Chicago police have left at least 30 officers injured, according to reports.

During an interview with Fox & Friends following the looting earlier this month that resulted in more than 100 people arrested and 13 officers injured, Beale noted that: “I think the mayor has lost confidence and control of this city.”

Meanwhile, in New York City, the number of NYPD officials applying for retirement has skyrocketed, according to a report last month. A total of 503 agents applied for retirement between May 25 and July 3, 75% more than in 2019.

In Seattle, a police officer was caught on video Saturday saying in an apparent Black Lives Matter protest that he was resigning from the department and saying, “Guys, you win.”


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