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Who is Chloe Xandria ( TikTok star gets vile death threats ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, TikTok, Followers and More Facts

Chloe Xandria

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The video shot by Chloe Xandria touched the hearts of her followers, but the influencer said she was attacked by vicious trolls who even sent her death threats. Malicious trolls sent death threats to an influencer after showing that their bans were gaining weight online.

American TikTok star Chloe Xandria

American TikTok star Chloe Xandria urged women not to feel guilty about gaining weight as she has been documenting her figure changes since January.

She shared a video clip on the website to her 249,000 subscribers and said, “Appreciate the body that supported me in a global pandemic.”

Chloe had previously struggled with an eating disorder. In order to “normalize normal bodies”, she showed her fuller body compared to her figure in early 2020.

In her mirror selfie photo, she is wearing a pink crop top and ripped jeans.

The second picture of Chloe shows her lifting her t-shirt so her followers can see her stomach and back.

The video touched the hearts of her followers and viewed it more than two million times in a 24 hour period, but Chloe said she was the target of vicious trolls who even sent her death threats.

On a second video, she stated, “I have received many death threats for posting this and so many bad comments about myself and my family.

“I have disabled comments on my video. I want to thank everyone who has shown me so much love and support. I will continue to fight to normalize all bodies.”

Chloe also posted screenshots of the abuse she received from strangers on her Instagram page.

One troll said, “What the hell is this transition?”

Another commented viciously, “You used your 40s as an excuse to be fat as a bloody body.”

One man went out of his way to turn his TikTok clip into a “duet” video in which he filmed his reaction to his weight gain and said he would use it as motivation to work out at the gym.

Chloe didn’t reveal how much weight she gained, but she said in an Instagram post earlier this year that she is now more comfortable with her body than “thin” at most.

She shared ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of her weight gain and said, “My body is correct after 6 months of quarantine and after my last semester of last year was stolen from me, but mentally in the best place.

“Maybe you quarantined a few pounds too. Remember to give yourself a little grace. Sometimes food was one of the few things that served as a form of comfort. When I cook and taste new recipes, I console myself in difficult times. ”

Chloe shared on her Instagram stories why she started sharing photos of her body online to help other women.

She said, “I thought if I was bowed and confident it would have a ripple effect on other women who are bowed and they would stop letting other people’s opinions affect how they see themselves.

“Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, focus on other things – like what your body did for you, how it carried you through life, and all the physical things it did .