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Navy veteran Chris David beaten and pepper sprayed in protest, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Injuries, Investigations and More Facts

Chris David

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Navy veteran Chris David told CNN by phone on Sunday that he had never been in a protest, but was “angry” when he saw federal officials on the streets. places and wanted to ask him what they were doing there.

Chris David Age

He is 53 years old.

Protests in Portland

Protests in Portland, Oregon, have been going on overnight for more than 50 days, but a man didn’t show up until Saturday night.

Federal agency officials

Federal agency officials were seen in the city taking demonstrators off the streets, arresting them and placing them in unidentified vehicles last week.

“I was going to ask why they were not fulfilling their oath, the constitution,” said David. “All I wanted to do was ask them why?”

He wore the Naval Academy gear in the hope that they would listen and feel he was one of them. What he found couldn’t be further from that.

David said

As he approached them to speak, David said they pushed him down and started to beat him with his batons and using pepper spray.

“I was hoping they wouldn’t shoot me, because someone had a gun on my chest,” David said. “I am relieved to have been hit with sticks and pepper spray.”

When asked how he could not have reacted during the beatings, David replied that he knew if he acted it would make the situation worse.

“The stick was not the problem, but when they used pepper spray, it was over; I felt like I threw a gallon of burning gasoline in my head.”

Chris David suffered a hand fracture

He says he suffered a hand fracture in two places and plans to have surgery later this week.
David has said he doesn’t want his story to distract from the original motive for the protests which is the Black Lives Matter affair. He wants the public to know that the people who are downstairs protesting “are like him, normal people”.

Contacted by CNN, a spokesman for the Portland Police Department said that its officers were not involved in the incident.

Customs and border protection also told CNN their agents were not involved.

CNN has contacted the Department of Homeland Security and the US marshals for comment, but has yet to receive a response.