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Who is Chris Grailey ( BRITISH tourist who thought he was “invincible” ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Twitter and More Facts

Chris Grailey

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Chris Grailey, a British tourist who considered himself “invincible” and dismissed the coronavirus as “bull *** t” is afraid for his life after contracting the virus in Tenerife.

Chris Grailey Age

Chris Grailey, a previously healthy 29-year-old, has warned others to take the virus seriously as he has difficulty breathing while on oxygen treatment. Chris fell seriously ill with Covid-19 while enjoying the sun in Tenerife.

It is not known if he reported his symptoms or sought medical advice before returning to the UK.

The sales manager at Ancoats in Greater Manchester is now stuck in a hospital bed, living with an oxygen mask.

He has no health problems, but he said terribly that he wasn’t sure he would come out “on the other side” of the infection.

Video message

In a video message shared with the Manchester Evening News, Chris warns other young people who break the rules to make the same mistake and take the virus seriously.

His idyllic vacation in Tenerife turned into “hell” when he lost his taste for smell and developed a fever.

He said: “I caught him in Tenerife because I thought I was invincible and I didn’t wear a mask.”

“I paid the price. I don’t have an underlying health problem. I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes as me.

“Now I am in the intensive care unit and am waiting for further treatment. I don’t know if I’ll get out on the other side.

“So I really want you to take this message on board as it can happen to anyone, please be careful.”

“I paid the price”

Chris, who is at Watford Hospital, said he was sick for most of his vacation in the Canary Islands – but didn’t know it was going to get any worse.

He said, “I was sick for most of the vacation – I lost my taste, my smell, I had a cold sweat.

“But it got worse when I got home.”

Chris tested positive for the coronavirus and was diagnosed with acute pneumonia four days ago after being hospitalized for increasing illness.

He was diagnosed with coronavirus and acute pneumonia four days ago.

“I was rushed for tests and scans on Sunday morning and sent home on Sunday evening thinking I was fine,” added Chris.

“I was then taken straight back to a COVID room on Tuesday morning.

He shared his story in a touching Facebook post, describing the experience as “hell”.

He said, “The way I felt last week was closer to hell than ever before – I sat honestly and was ready to give up.

“I can’t breathe, walk, move. I’m like a zombie.

“I take four different antibiotics, steroids, oxygen around the clock, more holes in my arm than a junkie.”

Young Brits having fun and drinking late at night in pubs and bars have been blamed for the increase in cases.

And the government’s new move has put a curfew on pubs, bars and restaurants at 10 p.m. to keep people from ignoring social distancing for not taking the virus seriously.

Chris’s warning

But Chris’s warning might give people who don’t take the rules seriously more hiatus than the new rules.

The sales manager said other young people who dismissed the virus as not much worse than the flu need to learn from his experience – or they might end up learning the hard way, like him.

“The reason I’m showing you all this is because I was the first to say it was bullshit and, ‘nah f ** k, that was young, we won’t get it, it’s just a bad flu, a conspiracy the government. Blah blah blah “wrong!”

“It’s REAL, it’s real life that is killing me.

“So before you think about going to house parties and thinking your invincible guy gets out of your head by dividing 10 pound bills, look at this picture and imagine it could be you.

“It can affect anyone, I’m 29 years old and have no underlying health problem. This is serious shit. Please wake up guys. Life has more to offer.

“I really want young people to come out and not look at my photos and think that it could be them.

“I have no underlying health problems and 29 and it happened to me.

“Life is too short to endanger your health. I learned the hard way. I don’t want people to make the same mistakes that I made.”