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Chris Noden

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Chris Noden, a father tried to shop in a Welsh supermarket wearing only his underpants and a face mask – after the clothes were classified as ‘non-essential’.

Chris Noden Age

Chris Noden, 38, was arrested by security guards trying to push his car into the Tesco store in Newport, Gwent. Today is the first full day of Wales’ ‘fire safety’ lockdown and shops are currently unable to sell clothing to customers.

Ms Dawn Age

Ms Dawn, 33, filmed him trying to enter the store and said, “Clothes are not essential – let him in.”

Dawn told the workers, “Clothing is not considered essential now. Your policy is that clothing is not essential. Let him buy clothes.

“This is no joke. There are kids growing up there who need clothes.”

Security guard said

But a security guard said, “He’s not dressed appropriately. Go and confront the government.” You can’t come dressed like that. ”

When the staff said they wouldn’t let him in, Dawn replied, “So clothes are essential in everyday life?” The worker said, “Of course they are.”

The couple were turned down, but Dawn posted the video later.

She said: “Please note that no lockout rule has been broken, no one has been endangered. This non-essential list is no joke! Clothing is not essential, Mr. Drakefold.

“Chocolate, sugar, alcohol and tobacco classified as essential products?

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