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Chris Watkins

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A father of two who broke his neck and took a dip in a swimming pool while on vacation in Tenerife returned home for Christmas after defying doctors’ predictions that he would never be able to walk again.

Chris Watkins, 43, immediately ordered a pint of Stella and pizza when he woke up from a coma after the freak accident, his family said.

On September 4, he was seriously injured when he jumped into the pool at the Columbus Aparthotel in Playa de las Americas. His friends said they thought he was kidding when he said he broke his neck, but they soon discovered he was in serious trouble.

Chris, a gardener from Pontypool in South Wales, exclaimed in pain in the hospital: “I’ve broken my neck, I can’t feel anything, help me”.

He had to undergo urgent surgery and was placed in an induced coma. Friends raised £ 24,000 to pay for the ambulance plane that would take him back to Wales after a month in a Spanish hospital.

Back in Wales, Chris, who is also a grandfather, fell ill with coronavirus that family members feared could affect his early recovery.

Sister Nadia Hopkins told The Sun that she was “petrified” after learning that Chris contracted the fatal illness when he left the hospital.

But Chris, dubbed “The Bionic Man,” continued to defy doctors’ predictions and regained his strength.

The doctors said he would end up in a wheelchair, but now he has taken the first steps of the accident into what is known as a “miracle”.

Chris Recovery

Nadia told the newspaper Chris’ recovery was “amazing”. He described the moment his brother woke up from the coma and said, “The first time he spoke, he asked for a pint of Stella and a pizza.

He added: “We were petrified when he captured Covid. He had come this far after suffering such a terrible injury: it was really fatal. But he’s a fighter, everyone is very proud of him. “”

His best friend, Christian Preece (43), had already jumped into the pool before Chris “played” during the boys vacation.

First responders reacted when Chris did not approach immediately and his friends saw that he had sustained a large cut to the head.

Christian said “I cried on my side” I broke my neck, I don’t feel anything, help me “and I told him to stop being stupid.

“I told him I just shook him, but he said ‘no, I’m serious’ and my heart sank. He’s a bit of a joke, but I knew from his voice that he was telling the truth.”