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Who is Christalla Amphlett ( Driver celebrates with champagne in Snapchat vid after being cleared of crash that killed pal ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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THIS is the moment a driver Christalla Amphlett celebrated with champagne after being cleared over a crash that killed her pal.

Christalla Amphlett Age

Christalla Amphlett, now 22, pulled herself on the M1’s hard shoulder in a 17-minute row on gasoline money.

The rear of the car, which had no hazard lights, was then struck by driver Bradley Lane during the horror of November 2017.

Chloe Palmer Age

Chloe Palmer, 19, who was the rear passenger, suffered a serious brain injury and died a few days later.

Her friend Maisie O’Flynn, who was sitting next to Chloe, survived the crash but was seriously injured.

Amphlett was being treated for a brain hemorrhage, fractured jaw and neck as Keziah Knight got out of the car at the time.

The support officer was released from Chloe’s dangerous driving yesterday following a trial in St. Albans Crown Court.

Images have now been released of Amphlett celebrating Snapchat’s verdict.

Video shows how enthusiastic buddies give her champagne while smiling.

She can be seen in another pumping her fists in the back of the car as the postman says she is “so proud”.

The clips were criticized by a close family friend of Maisie, who called them an “insult” to the destroyed relatives of those involved in the crash.


She told Sun Online: “It’s a kick in the teeth for families to celebrate the coming Judgment Day.

“I know she has been found not guilty, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of the fear this has caused her.

“There is absolutely no regret for the accident there and it made the family who are still grieving for Chloe even more heartbreaking.

“She clearly doesn’t have the sympathy and compassion for these videos that will be released so soon after. Maisie’s family haven’t even returned from court and she glorifies their freedom there.

“Christalla could have celebrated behind closed doors.

“Everyone would have thought she won the lottery.

“It’s absolutely disgusting.”


Amphlett has also been criticized on social media by Chloe’s friends and family who have seen the video.

One wrote: “Christalla Amphlett is walking away from St. Albans Crown Court today, hugging friends and family and partying.

“She even went so far as to pop a bottle of champagne in the middle of the street outside her house as her friends and family beep and clap after being found ‘not guilty’ today for dangerous driving.

“Our Chloe never left this hospital because she died of your neglect.”

During the trial, the jury overheard the group returning home after a night in Watford when the argument broke out.

Amphlett claimed they rowed on “something as little as gasoline money” after agreeing to drop Chloe off in St. Albans before they ran out of fuel.

Then she pulled the Renault Twingo onto the M1 near the inside lane without the lights or hazard lights flashing.


After standing still for a few minutes, Amphlett continued the journey before stopping a second time on the hard shoulder.

This time she had her door open and swung her legs outside – causing some drivers to swerve to avoid the car and another beep in the horn.

She rowed with Chloe for about 17 minutes before Lane, who probably fell asleep, crashed into the back of the car in her Isuzu D-Max.

Chloe was hospitalized with a complex pelvic fracture and severe brain injury.

She had an operation but her brain injuries were too severe and she died in December 2017.

Amphlett later said she remembered “yelling” and felt safer stopping the car than continuing her trip.

When she learned of her friend’s death, she said she had cried.

Prosecutor Wayne Cleaver previously told the jury: “Miss Amphlett created dangerous conditions by deliberately stopping the car where she did.”

“These conditions became more dangerous as the car stayed there.”

He said hard highway shoulders should only be used in circumstances where it is necessary and unavoidable.

The prosecutor added: “It should only be used in a real emergency. It was not.”

Lane had previously pleaded guilty to death for dangerous driving and serious injury by dangerous driving.