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Christian B

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The main suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is accused of raping a woman in 2004.

Christian B is suspected of assaulting Irish tourist guide Hazel Behan in her apartment in Portugal, just a 30-minute drive from Madeleine, who disappeared in 2007 at the age of three.

German police hope to be able to indict the sex offender “within the next three months”.

Hazel, 20 at the time of the attack, contacted UK police after learning of a similar sexual assault she had committed.

Christian is in prison in Germany for raping a 71-year-old American in 2005.

Last year he became one of the main suspects in the Madeleine case.

German prosecutors last month said they were “still optimistic” that the Madeleine McCann mystery would be solved.

Hans Christian Wolters has said an investigation into suspect Christian is in full swing as the 14th anniversary of his disappearance approaches.

Wolters is also hoping that a new TV documentary will help uncover more clues, the Sunday Mirror reported.