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Who is Cliven Lance Bundy ( Son of Rancher Bundy arrested in Nevada ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Cliven Lance Bundy

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A son of state breeder and state attorney Cliven Lance Bundy was arrested in Nevada.

After 41-year-old Cliven Lance Bundy was jailed on a court order violating a domestic violence injunction and resisting an officer, he appeared in court on Tuesday but bail failed. not fixed, he said. Las reported. Vegas Sun Agent. Henderson police spokesman Alan Olvera confirmed the arrest.

In 2015, Bundy, using his middle name, was sentenced to prison in 2013 for a criminal conviction. At that point, he apologized for missing the court dates and for not being able to stay there. Contacted regulators and failed to complete a one-year judicial drug versioning program by February 2013.

Bundy’s father gained national attention for a 2014 shooting with federal agents near the family farm in Nevada. Two years later, the Bundy brothers held a 41-day anti-government protest occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

It is not known if Bundy has an attorney to comment on his recent arrest.