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Connie Goodwin

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A Missouri mother was finally able to recover the remains of her murdered son after draining the pond where his body was dumped seven years ago.

Connie Goodwin, 57, and her family from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, took it upon themselves to drain the unnamed pond after local authorities failed to complete work begun in 2017.

They were looking for Edward Goodwin, 32, who was murdered by childhood friends in 2015 after a drug deal went wrong.

In November 2017, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department drained part of the pond and found partial remains of Connie’s son, enough to convict Eldrid Smith and Rickey Hurt of his murder.

But when the case was closed, the sheriffs hadn’t finished draining the pond, allowing the Goodwins to sedate the remains of a family member.

A struggle ensued over the next five years as the Goodwins were given various reasons why the work could not be completed.

“There was always a reason. Either because of other crimes in progress or because of the weather,” Connie said.

“We have continued to press for them to drain the water. The family is not responsible for that.

Connie told the Riverfront Times that her family emptied the pond themselves using rental cars after a five-year delay by local law enforcement.

It was a significant feat, the pond is estimated to be about 90 feet by 140 feet with a depth of about four feet.

The sheriff’s department’s most recent attempt to drain the pond was last fall, but they couldn’t lower the water level enough to find the remains.

This followed two other attempts that had lowered the water level significantly from its peak two years earlier, but not enough to find Edward.

So Connie, along with her husband and grandson Gage, 22, who is Edward’s son, rented a sump pump over the weekend and finished the job alone.

They got to work at 8:30 a.m. to pump the water, and about two hours later they had shrunk the pond enough to see what appeared to be bones sticking out of the mud.

Connie then called Butler County Coroner Jim Akers, who came to the scene and confirmed that the remains were those of Edward Goodwin.

“[Local police] emptied it where it was only a few feet from full drainage, but you have all the sediment, all the mud,” Akers said of the first attempt to find the remains of the manure. “Edward in 2017.

The recovered pelvis and femurs were enough to prosecute Smith and Hurt, who were convicted of murder and are now in prison.

Mark Dobbs

Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs said in 2015 that “there was a grudge between Ed Goodwin and the group that ultimately attacked him over past drug dealing.”

Edward knew the couple from elementary school and continued working together after graduation.

Connie described the son she needed to recover from the nameless pond as “a hard worker who made bad decisions but was a good person.”

They had found skeletal remains, but the thick mud was still two and a half feet deep and “when you’re in it, it’s like you can’t move,” Connie said.

Edward’s remains lay in the middle of the former pond, where the mud was likely to be even thicker and deeper, the Akers family warned.

They found Edward’s remains tied with wire to cinder blocks that had been used by his killers to sink his body to the bottom of the pond.

With great care, Gage and Akers lifted the cinder blocks and skeletal remains into a kayak, which Connie then hauled ashore with a rope.

“It was a sad day. It was also a joyful day as we were able to bring our son home,” said Connie.

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