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Cortez Bufford

Cortez Bufford Wiki Bio

ST. LOUIS, MO – St. Louis police identify a man Cortez Bufford who was shot dead near a gas station in the southern city on Thursday evening. The shooting took place around 9:30 pm. at the intersection of Bates and Virginia, in the Carondelet area.

St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden said an official was looking for pedestrians in the area when a man tried to escape. The officers chased a man who came across a bridge, and tried to climb the fence, which was unsuccessful. Then the man took out a pistol with an extended magazine. The officer asked the man to drop the gun. Hayden said the man did not agree, and the officer opened fire and hit an armed man.
The man, who was later identified as 24-year-old Cortes Bufford, was pronounced dead at the scene. The previous report incorrectly determined the age of the man. Bufford’s weapons and drugs were found at the scene.

The policeman who shot Bufford is 35 years old, and he has been working in the police for eleven years. Hayden said the department’s investigative department will deal with this case. According to Fox 2 News, Bufford previously ran into police in April 2014. Video from the DVR recorded a stop on the road where police in St. Louis pulled Bufford out of the car and shot him with a taser. Bufford sued officials for violating civil rights and eventually reached an agreement.

It was a shootout involving a second officer in less than 24 hours. A shootout occurred at that gas station about 48 hours after shooting at a 14-year-old, although Chef Hayden said there was currently no reason to link the two. Mayor spokeswoman Lida Crewson said the city has publicly harassed BP gas stations due to the large number of criminal charges in the business. So far this year, police have answered 280 requests for delivery at the intersection of Bates and Virginia Streets and 289 requests for delivery to a local BP gas station. Some of these calls may overlap. Complaints can lead to the closure of gas stations or the owners to appeal to the court.

City Council member Sarah Wood Martin, who represents the community in which recent violence has occurred, said the city is taking this issue seriously. “The activity in the past few days speaks for itself how bad the area is at present,” she said. “We don’t want another empty building there, but BP owners will need to adopt a realistic plan of action to increase the security of their property.”
Candice Clack, owner of Take-Off Style and Styles, said violence should stop. “And one of the things that I know is communication between me and some other business owners. And we all have surveillance cameras, ”she said.

One of the shoppers at the store, Reggie Phipps, has a theory about why violence is increasing. “I think people don’t value life enough, because it should never go this far,” he said. “Problems happen, you know? Things happen; it should never grow to the point where you shoot someone; you take someone’s life. ” St. Louis police said there was the 13th shootout on Thursday evening, in which the policeman was involved this year. Eight of these incidents were fatal. Last year, there were 13 executions involving officers.

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