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Who is Cosmin Tudorache ( Man 33, Assaulted woman ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Cosmin Tudorache

Cosmin Tudorache Biography                                     Cosmin Tudorache Wiki

  • Cosmin Tudorache, 33, assaulted woman after responding to her complaint
  • He subjected her to a series of attacks after she posted it on
  • Sentenced to five years in prison for rape and two and a half years in prison for each attack

A masseuse who raped a client during a 90-minute test at her home was sentenced to five years in prison.

Cosmin Tudorache, 33, attacked the woman after responding to her ad on

Her victim believed she was getting a massage after her roommate went out with friends on the night of October 6, 2017.

However, Tudorache subjected her to a series of sexual assaults that made her feel suicidal and petrified while speaking.

In January, a jury at Inner London Crown Court found him guilty of rape and two penetrating attacks.

Today he was sentenced to five years in prison for rape and two and a half years for each attack, all served at the same time.

Judge Jane Sullivan told ?

Judge Jane Sullivan told Tudorache, “She booked a deep tissue massage at her home through an app called Urban Massage, which she has been using successfully for months.

In fact, you had massaged it months ago, but you couldn’t remember.

The judge then described how the woman had cried and was paralyzed when the masseur attacked her.

Judge Sullivan added, “Although he didn’t tell you, he didn’t agree.

This was not a case where he had misinterpreted the situation. He had done nothing to cheer you up. His instructions were to stop. You said s*x was consensual.

His body was saying enough. You are a 33 year old certified masseuse and you would have known it. It was your job to worry.

The psychological effects on her are evident from his two victim impact statements. He went to court to read these statements.

Tudorache watched the screen behind which his victim described how he committed suicide after the attack.

In his first statement, dated March 5, 2020, he said, “I was a happy social person, but I’m not that person anymore. Since then, I have suffered from stress and anxiety.

`It caused my relationship to break down with my partner at the time.

“Given the stigma associated with rape, I found that I couldn’t trust some of my closest friends. Many of my friends shared the details with others and I felt betrayed.

“This accident destroyed my social life”.

The woman also told the court that she had a panic attack whenever she saw an advertisement for the massage company in the subway “or in any other public space.”

He said, “I often blame myself for not responding. I don’t understand why I was lying there. I started to hate myself.

“I went to work and cried in the bathrooms. Crying has become quite boring in my daily life.

Feeling suicidal, I called the Samaritans to calm me down more than once.

“I didn’t feel safe at home. I have moved and live in a safe place all day. ‘

When she read her second statement, dated January 13 of this year, she told the court that she was waiting for the massage because I have pain in my shoulder so I can’t even turn my neck, but this ended up with my worst. Nightmare ‘. “.

He said, “I trusted him according to the company’s website. That trust, that professional trust that he used to rape me and make me a rape victim.

“Now I hesitate to get a massage. My friends and family, oblivious to the accident, gave me massage vouchers. ”

Prosecutor Kate Bumgart asked for a starting point for ten years in prison and told the judge that “there are no words to describe what happens every day”.

He added: “He was a medical professional, which undermines public confidence in the profession. He kept his legs together. She did not touch her legs to initiate sexual activity.

Defense Mark Gadsen said 26 testimonies from women “who knew the accused well” were presented on behalf of his client and that he sent six to the judge. Four of these authors sat in the public gallery to watch.

He told the judge that the rape “was the result of a real misinterpretation of the situation”, adding: “The accused abruptly stopped the rape as soon as the reality became clear to him.

Tudorache from Cricklewood in North West London was refused, but because of rape and others