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Courtney Pollard

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  • Police called Tuesday afternoon to conduct a wellness check on the 27-year-old.
  • Courtney Pollard allegedly crashed her car into two officers in Melbourne
  • Pollard is accused of escaping the scene and driving at speeds of up to 170km / h
  • She was arrested after a 40 km high speed one hour run.
  • Pollard appeared in Melbourne court Wednesday on multiple charges.

A woman who allegedly ran into two police officers in her car before leading the police through the streets of Melbourne in a horrible high-speed chase is behind bars.

Courtney Pollard, 27, of Fairfield, is charged with pinning a police officer against a wall in her silver Ford sedan before running on the foot of a female police officer and fleeing the scene at speeds of up to 170 km / h.

Police were told to subject Pollard to social checks in Seaford, southeast of Melbourne, before embarking on a Mad Max-style chase.

Pollard is accused of fleeing the scene at high speed when confused police followed him.

Officers followed Pollard 40 km through southeast Melbourne for over an hour and used the police helicopter to pursue them from above.

She was eventually caught after police used gangs with spikes to stop her car.

When her car crashed into a tree, she headed for Burwood, east of downtown Melbourne.

Pollard reportedly fled the scene on foot and hid in the backyard of a nearby home where she was discovered and arrested.

She was filmed from her prison cell at the Melbourne Detention Center on Wednesday at Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Faces Charges

Pollard faces a variety of charges, including willful intent, serious personal injury, life-threatening reckless behavior, and assault-related crimes.

Pollard was also shot in four cases in which a rescuer was intentionally exposed to unsafe driving.

Pollard’s attorney

Pollard’s attorney, Naomi Newbound, told the court that her client was already fighting behind bars.

“She’s stressed out and scared,” she says.

Pollard has not requested bail and will be behind bars on New Year’s Eve.

The court heard that she would be detained until at least March of next year.

The two wounded police officers were taken to hospital for treatment.

Victoria Police Inspector Paul Cripps said he spoke to police and they were “in a good mood.”

“One police officer will have very bad bruises on his legs and the other will have broken bones in his foot,” he said.

Pollard was arrested and had to appear in court.