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The politics of hydroxychloroquine and other commentary, Wiki, Bio, Information, Investigation and more Facts

COVID Drug Policy

hydroxychloroquine and other commentary

Medical Fraud: COVID Drug Policy

COVID Drug Policy: For many who “hoped science would remain the exception” to the idea that “all areas of life are political,” lamented Norman Doidge in The Table, “the dirty 2020 hydroxychloroquine drama” was a nail in the grave. Harvey A. Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale, predicts this “poorly designed episode” will be “studied by medical sociologists as a classic example of how extrascientific factors disprove clear medical evidence”. Research shows that hydroxychloroquine can be life-saving when given early in some COVID patients. For years it has been safe to “treat autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis”. But while many “succeeded in making counterfeit banknotes look real”, only a few “succeeded in making real banknotes look fake” until President Trump began promoting the drug, making him among the elite and thus made unpopular. The results are subject to a deadly politicization. Unfortunately, history shows “a dangerous state of vulnerability in our scientific discourses, models and institutions”.

Cultural critic: the weakness of awakening

“Racial identity politics has become fashionable in the media, entertainment, and politics,” notes Joel Kotkin in American Mind, but it doesn’t help anyone but “writers and administrators.” Diversity industry. Indeed, “historically disadvantaged groups” “have succeeded primarily in developing their own skills and economic power, creating alternative institutions and strengthening family ties”, not because the government “imposed racist imperatives. “Radical” racial policy has “limited stamina” anyway, as many minorities see that “racist violence” is devastating their communities and therefore “are predominantly against underfunded forces. Mission”. Rather than “awakening”, it is better to focus on “mutual help, family and work”, “safer ways that have brought even the most discriminated groups to a better future”.

Legal Pace: After Clinsmith The Flood?

The attempt by the mainstream media to downplay former FBI attorney Kevin Klinsmith’s plea in US attorney John Durham’s Trump Russia investigation is simply “a twist and a mistake,” says Charles. Lipson from RealClearPolitics. In August 2016, Clinesmith forged an email from the CIA stating that Carter Page, an adviser to candidate Donald Trump, was “not a CIA asset,” a “deliberate lie” that the FBI was using to “spy on.” -Page “command received. sheds light on Durham’s larger investigation and the violations he exposes. Just as “the seepage of water from the base of a dam” anticipates “the collapse of a dam”, the Klinsmith petition foreshadows a “flood” indicating “how big” and “how high” corruption has reached. ..

Pandemic table: “metaphorical” government errors

Governor Cuomo wanted to present himself and his fellow Democrats in his speech at the Ben Sixsmith Eyerolls Spectator USA Congress as a “tough, mature and serious group”, but his “serious sermon” took precedence over the truth. The government said “COVID is just a metaphor” for how “America’s political body is weakening” and insisted that its state defeat the virus. “Has New York Successfully Admitted Thousands of COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes?” Cuomo insists that his “success” also “proved in some way that love wins”. Of course, “more than 30,000 people have died”, New Yorkers are fleeing the city, a third of small businesses “could be gone forever,” and crime has skyrocketed. If this is “love wins”, imagine “when hate wins”.

Social media browsing: pointless Twitter censors

“Due to the recent censorship, Twitter has a number of satirical accounts blocked and restricted,” report the editors of Spiked. Since then, the satirical site Babylon Bee has been revived, but many others remain closed, including satirical writers Titania McGrath and Jarvis Dupont, and Parodies of the Tolerance Police and Sir Lefty Farr-Wright, QC. “All the stories made fun of the resuscitation. But it looks like the Silicon Valley botanists pointing out the virtues just don’t get the joke. Indeed, unawakened satirists’ cleansing of Twitter is a complete justification for its work. By banning those who ridicule the Awakening and criticize its censorship

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