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Who is Craig Woodhall ( Man stabbing mum of three Victoria Woodhall on a street in Barnsley) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Craig Woodhall

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Craig Woodhall, a thug admitted he hacked his wife Victoria Woodhall to death with a gurkha-style machete after chasing her down the street in murderous fury.

Craig Woodhall Age

Craig Woodhall, 41, has pleaded guilty to repeatedly stabbing Victoria’s mother of three, 31, on a street in Barnsley, south York.

Police were called on March 29 after Woodhall chased NHS worker Victoria off the property and onto the streets before attacking her with a machete.

An ambulance landed in a nearby field and paramedics rushed to the property, but Victoria was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

The thug fled the scene, but later gave in to himself by turning on his headlights to the police as he passed them.

An autopsy revealed Victoria had died from multiple cuts.

The violence she suffered was so extreme that she suffered multiple skull fractures and significant injuries to her head, face, neck, arms, hands, shoulders and back.


Police said she was stabbed multiple times with a Gurkha-type machete knife that officers recovered from the scene.

CCTV footage also showed Woodhall pulling his wife to the ground before stabbing her, then walking away before returning two more times to attack her.

Chief Investigator Detective Inspector Ben Wood said: “Victoria was the victim of a brutal and sustained attack and several people were nearby who witnessed this gruesome murder.

“While I am delighted that Woodhall has accepted responsibility for his crime, it won’t do much to comfort Victoria’s family and loved ones.

“I would like to offer you my deepest condolences if you accept your loss.

“It was a terrible attack. I know this incident caused significant problems in the local community, especially among the residents who witnessed the murder.

“These eyewitnesses have received support from our victim support partners to help them cope with the traumatic effects of this crime.”

Woodhall will be tried in court on October 2.