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Who is Crystal Culhane ( Woman Recruited New Boyfriend to Beat Her EX ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Investigations and More Facts

Crystal Culhane

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Crystal Culhane 22-year-old is said to have recruited 22-year-old James White to attack the former Paul Flory in Harefield, west London on August 18 last year.

Attorney Tyrone Silcott told the Old Bailey jury, “The attack was gruesome and furious, and left Mr. Flory terrible and potentially fatal.”

He was taken to the hospital where paramedics were fighting for his life. Silcott added: “It’s a miracle that he survived.”

Culhane of West Drayton and White of Uxbridge both deny the attempted murder, while White denies another offensive weapon charge related to the bat

The jury learned that Flory, 33, was recently released from prison for assaulting Culhane and that they resumed their relationship after his release.

Mr. Silcott said: “In the days leading up to the attack on Mr. Flory, Ms. Culhane also re-established a relationship with Mr. White after a brief romantic relationship with him several years earlier.”

The court heard that Culhane and White “lured” Mr. Flory to a street near White’s house around 1:30 am “with the intention of attacking James White.”

Mr. Silcott said:

“When Mr. Flory arrived, he was contacting or trying to contact Ms. Culhane on his cell phone.

Mr. White then left his address where he had spent the night with Mrs. Culhane and attacked Mr. Flory with a baseball bat. “”

He added: “The paramedics who were treating Mr. Flory at the scene found him unconscious with very severe head injuries and severe skull fractures, front and back, and severe swelling of the eyes and face with massive bleeding.

He also had large bruises on his stomach and chest. “”

The jury was told that “there are no arguments”. Mr. Flory was the target of an attack “at this time and in a place very close to Mr. White’s address”.

But Mr. Silcott added: “Due to the severity of the attack and the injuries sustained, Mr. Flory cannot help but attack him.”