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South African cyclist Nicholas Dlamini has his arm broken while being arrested in national park, Nicholas Dlamini Wiki, bio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Net Worth and 3 Facts to Know

nicholas dlamini

Nicholas Dlamini Biography

Nicholas Dlamini (born 12 August 1995 in Cape Town) is a South African cyclist, who currently rides for UCI WorldTeam Team Dimension Data. In August 2019, he was named in the startlist for the 2019 Vuelta a España.

Nicholas Dlamini-Arrested

On Friday 27 December 2019, Nicholas Dlamini was allegedly assaulted by rangers at the Table Mountain National Park where he was training and suffered a broken arm during an altercation. A South African cyclist and an Olympic hope bear his arm when he was arrested by guards in a national park. On Friday Nicholas Dlamini was out and about in the Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town. The 24-year-old man was arrested by parking guards while a spectator filmed the incident on his cell phone.

Nicholas Dlamini-Incident

The cyclist, wearing his white and green lycra, stands on tiptoe and tries to wrestle freely. The ranger seems to be getting more and more power and pushes his arm up until suddenly there is a jerk when the bone breaks. Then suddenly he is pushed towards the rear of the car by three other rangers. Mr. Dlamini appears to double in pain before being abused in the trunk.

Nicholas Dlamini-Arm Broken

It can be heard repeatedly by gusts of wind saying, “My arm is broken, my arm is broken. One of the rangers tries to push the cameraman away while the cyclist lies flat on the bed next to another employee. The video ends shortly afterwards.
The South African National Park Service has since stated that Mr. Dlamini is entering the park without permission or paying an entrance fee. He claims he then resisted arrest, which was challenged by the witness who recorded the video.

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Nicholas Dlamini-Witness Identified

The witness, identified as fellow cyclist Donovan Le Cok, said in a statement that the rangers dropped Mr. Dlamini off his bike to check a permit or ticket. In a statement posted on social media, Le Cok wrote: “ We weren’t cycling together, but I had seen Nic on Silvermine Road.

“When he was driving on the street trying to get out of the park, a group of six officers tried to stop him by grabbing the bars of his bike.” It caused an accident and injured himself. “Nic got up and was confronted by a ranger. “The rangers tried to find out if Nic had a license. The situation escalated and I decided to film what was going on. “The large senior citizen area was entrusted to Nic, who is a thin little guy. They turned it over and turned the box until it broke. It was audible and Nic screamed. “[He] screamed” my arm is broken, my arm is broken “. Then officers threw Nic into the back of the van. “I stopped paying because the officials started to react aggressively to me. They tried to grab my cell phone and my hand.” Team-dimensional data.

Nicholas Dlamini -3 Facts to Know

  • The 24-year-old crossed the Table Mountain National Park on Friday
  • Officials say they sought permission when he resisted arrest
  • The environment minister has now ordered the rangers involved to be suspended


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