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Who is Cymbre Barnes ( Woman 28, Buys £1 bunch of bananas but is mistakenly charged £1,599 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Details, Information and More Facts

Cymbre Barnes

Cymbre Barnes Biography                                       Cymbre Barnes Wiki

  • Cymbre Barnes was charged more than 1000 times the value of a £ 1 wad of bananas when she paid for self-service at Greenwich Marks and Spencer.
  • The 28-year-old paid with Apple Pay, which has no limits on contactless payments
  • She didn’t realize the huge charges until a notification told him he had spent £ 1,602 on purchases.
  • M&S apologized for what it called an “isolated payment error” and offered Barnes compensation.

One woman was stunned after being charged £ 1,599 for a couple of bananas at Marks and Spencer.

Cymbre Barnes, 28, walked into an M&S in Greenwich, London when she came home from work to pick bananas.

Despite a price tag of £ 1, Barnes was charged more than 1000 times that amount for the fruit.

Quickly, she hit Apple Pay on her iPhone without checking the amount. Unlike most bank cards, Apple Pay doesn’t have a spending limit for contactless payments.

It was only when Barnes was informed that he had spent £ 1,602 on purchases that she realized what had happened.

“I was in a rush before work and when I got to the checkout I used contactless and it was instant,” Barnes told The Telegraph.

“ I snapped twice when I saw the screen, but by then my receipt was already printing. It was too late. ‘

But Barnes’s bad luck didn’t end there.

After Barnes informed an employee of the massive allegations, she discovered that the store’s only cash register was broken and didn’t need to be repaired for several days.

“I had to walk 45 minutes to the nearest M&S ​​to get my money back,” she told The Telegraph.

An M & S spokesperson told the paper that Barnes’s case was an “isolated payment error” and that he apologized to her and offered her compensation.