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Who is Daisy Martinez ( Shot while celebrating independence day ) Wiki, Bio, Crime, Age, investigation and More Facts

Daisy Martinez

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The Mexican Independence Day celebration in Kansas City, Missouri drew 19-year-old Daisy Martinez to a street party and truck show on Wednesday night.

Explosion gunfire ended her life, Officials tracking the suspicious vehicle arrested its owner and another man and saw an AK-47 rifle “in sight,” depending on the likely cause.

The owner of the truck said the second man, Diego Calderon Guzman, 30, shot the victim, according to prosecutors.

The crime lab later compared the shotgun to the grenades at the scene. After explaining the likely cause.

He said he did not see Martinez walk past him when he fired, the statement said.

Calderon Guzman Charged

On Saturday, prosecutors said Calderon Guzman had been charged with second degree murder, the illegal use of a weapon and two cases of armed crime and possession of a weapon.

A lawyer for Calderon Guzman was not immediately identified and it could not be determined whether he pleaded guilty. He was detained at the Jackson County Detention Center on Monday and prosecutors asked for $ 500,000 bail.

“Daisy was a person with a good sense, her laughter could be heard from all over the room,” said her father. “He had a smile, he was always joking, he was funny. She always had a good heart, a good soul, everyone loved her.

Over the weekend, family members and others raised more than $ 6,000 in donations through a car wash to help cover funeral expenses, reports KMBC.

“The irony of a young Mexican Latina was killed by another young Mexican on Mexican Independence Day, the irony is unpleasant,” said the victim’s aunt, Francesca Salas. “I don’t think anyone has words for it.”