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Who is Damon Parker Terrelle ( Detroit teen charged with shooting and killing at haunted Michigan house ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Damon Parker Terrelle

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A Detroit teen Damon Parker Terrelle was accused of shooting and killing a man he accused of breaking the line in a haunted Michigan home, police said.

Damon Parker Terrelle Age

Damon Parker Terrelle, 17, was arrested Saturday while killing a 29-year-old Detroit man on September 27th. He said he jumped the line in front of Erebus’ haunted house in Pontiac. The Oakland County Sheriff’s office was announced on Sunday.

Terrelle, who had no previous conviction, was taken into custody in Michigan near the Indiana border without incident.

The teenager was later charged on Saturday with first degree murder, possession of a firearm, commission of a crime and carrying a hidden weapon. A judge has ordered that he be held without bail, the authorities said.

Douglas Reese

A $ 2,000 reward was announced two days earlier after Terrelle was named as a suspect in the fatal shooting of the haunted house where the victim identified by as Douglas Reese and his girlfriend told MPs who a man before them would. Don’t move in line.

“The victim and the suspect exchanged words when the suspect believed the victim cut his tail in front of him,” MPs said in a statement. “The suspect and the victim went into the parking lot separately.”

Witnesses then reported hearing gunshots outside the attraction, in which Reese was shot in the side, neck and chest before a blue sedan drove past, MPs said.

Reese was pronounced dead in a hospital.

Terrelle’s next trial was not yet scheduled for Sunday, MPs said.

The four-story haunted house in downtown Pontiac, home to more than half a mile of “terrible sensations,” is one of the greatest haunted attractions in the world, according to its website.