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Daniel Appleton

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Daniel Appleton, 38, of West Sussex, allegedly killed his wife and a passerby trying to save them while under attack

Daniel Appleton stole a retiree’s cane and used it to kill her before murdering his wife, a court has heard.

Daniel Appleton, 38, had a “psychotic episode” when he threw his wife Amy out of their home and attacked her in the driveway on December 22 last year, Hove Crown Court learned.

Good Samaritan Sandra Seagrave, 76, saw what was happening and rushed to help Amy, 32, using her cane to help her.

Although she is less than six feet tall, she boldly intervened by speaking to Appleton to protect Amy.

At the time, prosecutors said, Appleton, with “intent to murder,” directed his attack on the vulnerable retiree and killed him with his own cane.

He then returned to his wife, a beloved teacher, and allegedly used her to beat her to death.

Appleton of Hazel Way in Crawley Down denies the murders of the women and appeared on the pier Monday for trial.

Prosecutor Nicholas Corsellis QC opened the case saying: “Immediately after the attack and when emergency services arrived, the defendant went home and attempted suicide.

“In the most determined way.”

Appleton pulled out a large kitchen knife, stabbed himself in the chest at least five times, and apparently cut his thighs to sever his femoral arteries.

He also used the knife to cut the neck, head, calf muscles, and forearm.

However, the emergency services saved his life and he was eventually charged with the murders.

Mr. Corsellis said that Appleton, who has no history of crime or violence, experienced a “psychotic episode.”