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Daniel Argyle

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Daniel Argyle, 43, was sentenced at Hull Crown Court. A man Daniel Argyle who committed a “vicious” attack with his friend by beating and beating a father in front of his 14-year-old daughter was arrested.

Daniel Argyle Age

After the end of their 15-year relationship, family tensions had developed between the then partner Daniel Argyle (43) and his ex for some time.

Hull Crown Court learned the relationship ended when their affair with Argyle came to light, which resulted in a “vicious” confrontation in front of children in March 2018.

“It seems that problems have been brewing in the family of your partner at the time for some time,” said Judge David Tremberg.

“If the rights and harms of friction arise, it is outside the scope of this case or this court.

Suffice it to say that it was up to you, as a responsible adult, to behave civilized and mature. It was certainly not about using violence in front of a child.

After the birthdays of March 9, 2018, Argyle’s partner decided to leave the party and spend the night at his house.

This led to a series of abusive texts between his two daughters and Argyle the next morning.

“The texts have become increasingly abusive,” said prosecutor Nigel Clive. “In one he threatened to go home to the two ladies.

The girls, one of whom was fourteen years old and the other of adults, drove with their father and another man who was him to Argyle’s house on Rosmead Street in East Hull partner of the eldest daughter.

The two ladies knocked on the door to confront their mother while the other two waited in the car.

Argyle opened the door and things got aggressive. He pushed the older of the two away from his door, causing his partner to come in to intervene.

Mr. Clive said, “Argyle went up to him and hit him in the face and the beating continued.”

At this point the girl’s father got out of the car, where Argyle turned to him and said, “So there you are.”

Argyle started punching him in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. At this point, Argyle’s friend Paul Ellis, 47, got involved.

“At that point, the two of you as a team committed a vicious attack,” said Judge Tremberg.

“Argyle, you hit him on the head and he landed on the floor. Ellis, you sat on him and slapped his face six or seven times while holding his hands out of the way so he couldn’t defend himself.

Then Argyle kicked him in vicious intervention and hit him in the head about three times.

The victim says he felt something collapse on his face as the attack continued along with burning pain. He had a broken eye socket.

“Sometimes even a single blow to the head can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries,” added Judge Tremberg.

The two men appeared in Hull Crown Court on Friday, January 8th, to be convicted of aggravated assault. Argyle also appeared on the dock for having been convicted of assault.

Hull Crown Court has learned that Argyle’s relationship with the woman at the center of the dispute ended in January 2019.

The court also heard that he had appeared in court for 15 crimes in the past, nine of which were assaults.

Ellis, on the other hand, had a limited record with an injury conviction in 2000 while serving in the military.

Ellis’ assistant attorney Dale Brook described his client as a “hardworking and law-abiding person”, the “breadwinner” of his family, who had previously toured Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Bosnia. during his stay with the armed forces

Speaking to Ellis of South View, Withernsea, at the dock, Judge Tremberg said: “You have already been convicted of an injury for which you are serving a prison sentence.

“Although this crime has been going on for over 20 years, it is worrying that you have always demonstrated the ability to resort to serious unlawful violence.

“You are valued at work and you have a family who would suffer if you were sent to jail immediately.

“In your case, it seems to me that I could punish you in other ways.”

Ellis was sentenced to 20 months in prison and suspended for two years. He has to pay the victim £ 2,400 in compensation of £ 100 per month.

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