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Daniel Boulton

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Man, 29 was arrested on suspicion of killing a mother and her son.

The search for Daniel Boulton began after 26-year-old Bethany Vincent and her nine-year-old son Darren Henson were found stabbed to death Monday in a house on High Holme Road, Louth.

Lincolnshire police said the suspect, known to both victims, was arrested in the Hubbard’s Hills area.

He was also arrested on suspicion of stabbing an off-duty police officer.

Mr Boulton was eventually arrested with several armed officers and police vehicles on a farm in Hallington, near Louth.

Det Ch Supt Andy Cox said: “He did not come willingly, he was found in possession of knives and had to be verbally abused to carry out the arrest.”

Mr. Cox praised the wounded officer who tried to arrest Mr. Boulton: “The off duty officer was also stabbed to death in the process, although fortunately the injuries appear minor at the moment.”

The door-to-door investigation was ongoing and officials stormed fields behind farm buildings, police said.

Earlier, police said a knife believed to have inflicted multiple stab wounds on both victims was recovered from the scene.

Mr. Cox said another boy, “about a year old”, was found unharmed on the property on High Holme Road and is now under security.

The speculation about the kidnapping of the boy was wrong, he said.

“This was a tragic, extraordinary and equally worrying situation,” added Det Ch Supt Cox.

“A woman and child lost their lives in devastating ways, and I know that their loved ones today will feel the impact and our thoughts are on them,” she said.