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Daniel Hernandez

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Toni McBride, an officer in Newton’s division at the Los Angeles Police Department, who has appeared in magazines and trains alongside Hollywood stars including Keanu Reeves, is sued after body camera footage showing his shot Daniel Hernandez in downtown Los Angeles, in April.

Daniel Hernandez Age

He was 38 years old.

Toni McBride

23-year-old Los Angeles police officer known as the ‘top shot’ was chased by the 14-year-old daughter of a man she killed after coming forward to attack her with a cutter.

The footage shows that after asking him to release a cutter he was holding, Hernandez appeared to continue walking towards the officer.

McBride shot four times before the man fell to the ground. After passing out, McBride fired two more times because he still had the gun in his hands.

Hernandez ‘daughter, 14, is now suing Los Angeles police on the grounds that the shooting was unjustified and that McBride had “violent propensities and reckless killings”.

Hernandez family says

The Hernandez family says the use of force by police has been a problem that blacks and Latinos have faced for decades.

“Do we want the police to be gunmen or do we follow the Los Angeles Police motto, ‘Protect and Serve?’ “” Arnoldo Casillas, an attorney representing the Hernandez family, told the LA Times.

Others defended McBride on the grounds that the use of force was justified.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this police officer was facing an immediate threat to his life,” said Ed Obayashi, a specialist in the use of the police force.

McBride is now back on the streets on patrol as the process progresses.

McBride has been the target of several magazine profiles

McBride has been the target of several magazine profiles and his videos appear on the social media page of a Simi Valley shooting range, Taran Tactical Innovations.

“That’s why I’m famous,” Taran Butler, who runs a Simi Valley gun, told Los Angeles Magazine. “Pretty girls who shoot as well as they look.”

Located an hour northwest of Hollywood, Instagram celebrities and models fire rifles and assault-type rifles at targets like McBride.

The Hernandez family suggests that these quick, camera-captured videos are against Los Angeles Police policy which requires a calm response and a cool head.

On the day of Hernandez’s murder

On the day of Hernandez’s murder, police were dispatched to the scene of a traffic accident in which a man in one of the cars was trying to stab himself.

When McBride arrives at the scene, he can be heard on set telling other drivers to get out of their cars and get away from the crash site.

“Hey man, let me see your hands,” she said to Hernandez. “Stay over there,” she said, before yelling, “Drop the knife!” 3 times.

“Stay there,” McBride ordered.

Hernandez paused for a moment, but then started walking towards him with outstretched arms.

Drop it!’ McBride screamed before shooting him twice.

Hernandez collapsed, but when he started to stand up, McBride shot four more times.

He was found with a knife in his hands which the police kicked.

This time, Hernandez fell face down on the ground and stopped moving.

“You can clearly see that Daniel Hernandez gets out of a total car, walks around shirtless, with his hands by his side, he’s not making any gesture that threatens anyone,” family lawyer Narine Mkrtchyan told NBC Los Angeles.

Mkrtchyan believes Hernandez was too far away from McBride to have posed a significant threat and that other, less lethal options, such as stun guns, should have been used in the first place.

“These officers are probably more experienced and do not use lethal force,” Mkrtchyan said, referring to other officers present at the scene, who refrained from firing.

McBride’s lawyer responded

McBride’s lawyer responded to the lawsuit saying she wanted to make sure everyone involved was safe.
“She is doing everything she can to save life,” said Larry Hanna, McBride’s lawyer. “She put the body in front of the citizens who were there and kept telling Hernandez to stop. She reached out, did all she could.

She joined this department to help people who could not protect themselves. There were all these people here, some frost in their scared cars, and this person was coming with a knife, ”Hanna said.

The case is currently being analyzed by detectives from the LAPD’s Investigations Division, who will decide whether McBride’s actions were within departmental policy.