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Who is Daniel Prieto (Man arrested for raping 6 years old girl)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, Incident details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Daniel Prieto

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A man Daniel Prieto is sitting behind bars after raping a six-year-old girl and infecting her with gonorrhea, police said.

Daniel Prieto Age

He is 38 years old.

Daniel Prieto Bail

Daniel Prieto is out on bail after a judge on Thursday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, classified him as a danger to the community.

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Daniel Prieto had many s*xual relations

Prieto admitted to the police that he had many s*xual relations with the girl when they were not alone until the end of January. He also forced the girl to have oral s*x with him, according to the city police affidavit. Later, the girl told daycare workers that Prieto had told her to keep it secret because he would be in trouble if she told someone about the alleged abuse.

Daniel Prieto Investigations

Authorities began investigating the case on February 8 after the girl’s disappearance. He was found 90 minutes later, according to PennLive. The victim’s mother told authorities that she learned in February that she had gonorrhea. She said her daughter was also tested positive for the same s*xually transmitted infection. Investigators said Prieto “committed at least three different s*xual acts on the victim”.

Prieto later admitted that he had forced the girl to have s*x and have oral s*x. During an interview with the police, the victim’s mother told the authorities that the only s*xual contact she had had in recent years was with Prieto. Prieto has since been charged with rape of children, legal s*xual assault, increased abuse of indecent children, involuntary s*x with a child and petty corruption.

Daniel Prieto Arrested

He is currently in Lycoming County Jail.