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34 year old Italian nurse kills herself by getting a positive result on coronavirus and fearing to infect others, Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Death Confirmed and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Daniela Trezzi

Daniela Trezzi Short Biography – Wiki

The Nursing Federation said the Italian nurse Daniela Trezzi committed suicide after receiving a positive test for coronavirus, and fearing to infect others.

Daniela Trezzi- Age

She was 34 years old.

Daniela Trezzi- Hospital in Lombardy

Daniela Trezzi worked at the forefront of the coronavirus crisis in a hospital in Lombardy, Italy’s most affected region.

Daniela Trezzi- Death Confirmed

Italy’s National Nursing Federation confirmed his death and expressed its “pain and confusion” in a statement last night. The federation stated that the nurse suffered from “severe stress” because she was afraid of the spread of the virus, trying to control the crisis.

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This was due to the fact that the death toll in Italy rose again yesterday, 743 new deaths were registered during the day, which lowered the hope that the flow would begin to change.

However, the total number of infections has increased by only 8%, the lowest level since Italy recorded its first death on February 21.

Daniela Trezzi- Worked in the intensive care unit of the hospital of San Gerardo de Monza

Daniela Trezzi worked in the intensive care unit of the hospital of San Gerardo de Monza, about 15 kilometers from Milan, but was in quarantine after detecting symptoms of coronavirus and positive tests for the disease.

A group of nurses also reported that “a similar episode occurred a week ago in Venice for the same reasons.”

“Each of us chose this profession for good and, unfortunately, for evil: we are nurses,” the federation said.

“The condition and stress experienced by our professionals are visible to everyone.”

San Gerardo Hospital Director General Mario Alparone said that Daniela has been ill at home since March 10 and that “she was not under surveillance.”

Daniela Trezzi- Investigation

Judicial authorities are currently investigating his death, local media reported.

Figures published yesterday by the Italian Research Institute showed that about 5,760 health workers were infected with coronavirus.

Nino Cartabellotta, the head of the Gimbe Foundation, which collected the data, insisted that this “phenomenon” be “curbed to protect those who care about us.”

5,760 medical workers represent about 8% of the total number of cases in Italy, which reached 69,176 according to the latest data on Tuesday.