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Who is Danny Tetley ( X-Factor semi-finalist Danny Tetley has 17-year sentence for sexually exploiting ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Twitter and More Facts

Danny Tetley

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X FACTOR pervert Danny Tetley was sentenced to 17 years in prison for sexually exploiting seven teenage boys for being “too long”.

Danny Tetley Age

The 40-year-old singer used his fame to mistreat boys and steer youngsters towards events after reaching the semi-finals in 2018.

Tetley admitted seven charges of sexual exploitation of boys aged 14 to 16 and two charges relating to the distribution of indecent images.

The pedo was sentenced to nine years in prison with an extension of 17 years, including eight years of close monitoring of the license after his release.

But now his sentence has been cut after a successful appeal.

Lady Justice Simler said

At the High Court, Lady Justice Simler said Tetley’s initial sentence was too long for his crimes.

After his release from prison, the pervert is only monitored for five years instead of eight years under a license established by the judges to protect the public from serious harm.

The Criminal Appeals Office said, “The court upheld the appeal and the sentence is now an extended 14-year sentence, which includes a nine-year prison term and an extended five-year license term.”

The news will come as a great shock to his young victims after the judge who initially handed down his sentence called him a “despicable creature”.

Tetley was jailed for nine years after using his fame to ask children to send him indecent photos for money.

He “abused his celebrity status” to treat his victims and force them to send him nude photos, a court said.

The artist sent in X-rated photos of himself to show off the kind of poses he wanted them to do in 10,000 disgusting WhatsApp messages.

Tetley has never met teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16, instead discussing ‘highly sexualized conversations’ with them while trying to get them to send nude photos for up to £ 1,000 a time.

He told a boy “the more the better the price” when he sued him for photos for “his own sexual gratification from afar.”

When Tetley was arrested, he attempted to get away with claiming his Facebook had been hacked and telling the police he couldn’t keep up with his X Factor fame.

Tetley showed no emotion during his nine-year incarceration in January 2020 – another eight years under license when released, Telegraph and Argus reported.

In December 2019, he pleaded guilty to paying five teenagers to send him indecent photos.


The judge condemned him saying: “What you asked and showed was obvious and the disgusting level to which you fell, Mr Tetley, was incredible.”

He added, “Many will see you for what you are, a despicable creature.

“The reality is that our company is very interested in celebrities, it doesn’t hurt. Pure entertainment at its best, including X Factor, which you have appeared on in some ways.

“You took advantage of the status he gave you. You abused that status to satisfy your perverted sexual needs through your actions.”

Bradford Crown Court has learned that Tetley has used his statute to satisfy his “perverted sexual needs”.

Tetley treated a 14-year-old victim by talking about girls, his Range Rover and his celebrity collections.

He also tracked down the teenager who admitted to having money problems and sent him a nude photo of a 15-year-old girl – with an offer of £ 500 for a threesome.

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