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Dante Zirio

Dante Zirio Biography

A Miami Beach parking agent Dante Zirio was arrested after the owner of a valet service company told investigators that he claimed $ 1,000 in cash every month for not issuing parking fees.


Dante Zirio Age

57-year-old Dante Zirio was arrested on Saturday during an stabbing operation with Freddy Diaz, the owner of APS Parking LLC, who handed the officer $ 750 in a video interview.

Dante Zirio-Salary

Zirio, who had worked for the city for 20 years and received a salary of $ 61,724, then said that Mr. Jones’ nightclub on Lincoln Road also paid him $ 400 to ignore the violations.

Dante Zirio

He has been charged with extortion, corruption, and assuming illegal compensation for official behavior.
“It is a sad day when an official engages in such behavior, but it is good to know that we did the right thing internally to identify and arrest the perpetrator,” said the director. from the city of Miami Beach, Jimmy Morales, in an email to the city’s mayor and commissioners. Morales added to the mayor that Zirio’s arrest was “the right thing”.

Dante Zirio-Miami Beach Park

Zirio was suspected after the Miami Beach park manager received a reference to Zirio, which triggered an internal investigation. “We will not tolerate corruption or public corruption in the city of Miami Beach, but thanks to the swift action of everyone involved, we were able to quickly identify and arrest the attacker,” said Morales.

Morales told newspaper investigators that Zirio was acting alone, but he ordered the police to investigate to find out.
According to Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation, he was released from prison on Saturday after paying the required 10% of his $ 45,000 bail.

The Miami Herald reported that a pre-disciplinary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday and that Zirio’s employment status will then be determined.

The hearing was postponed on Monday to give Zirio, a member of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), time to be represented by the unions.

Once the criminal case is over, the board of directors of the Miami Beach City Employees Retirement System decides whether they will lose their pension rights.

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