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Ex Met Police sergeant’s Darin Birmingham ten year affair ended, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details and More Facts

Darin Birmingham

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The ten-year case of a former police sergeant Darin Birmingham ended after he called his mistress after his wife while they were in bed together, heard by a court.

Darin Birmingham Age

He is 60 years old.

Sharon Murphy

Darin Birmingham said “Karen” when she was in bed with Sharon Murphy, as reported by The Sun.

The relationship ended soon after, and Murphy severed contact with the former officer.

But Mr. Birmingham sent her 36 emails to try to win her back while he was on vacation with his wife.

Murphy reported him to the police and he appeared in court for harassment.

He made the mistake in the bedroom before they started having s*x, he heard the court.

Murphy said, “That was it. All I could see was him naked on me, calling me “Karen”.

Hailsham’s Birmingham, East Sussex was acquitted by the JPs, who said it was only part of the “cycle of emotions” in between.

JP Keith Sillitoe said

Ignoring the charge, JP Keith Sillitoe said, “There has been a long and troubled cycle of emotions between you for almost ten years.”

The former lovers met during a crack bust in south London in 2009.

Mr. Birmingham is a highly decorated former police sergeant who worked as a police officer for 30 years.

He started in Tooting, in south-west London, as a member of the local criminal team, then became a detective.