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Who is Darren Verity ( Drunk worker who wrecked his boss’ £100k Range Rover with 25-tonne digger is jailed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Darren Verity

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A burnt out worker Darren Verity who engaged in a demolition rampage inside a 25-ton excavator and destroyed his boss’s £ 100,000 Range Rover has been jailed.

Darren Verity Age

Darren Verity, 53, went on a rampage and had to be pulled from the backhoe after being fired from home work because he was not fit to drink and take drugs.

Verity of Bradford, West Yorkshire, was jailed for 14 months today after destroying the £ 100,000 Range Rover and one of his boss’s trucks during the rampage.

He was with Thomas Crompton Demolition last September.

Company boss Thomas Crompton had ordered him to return home, but an hour later Verity returned to the site, jumped in the backhoe, and crashed Mr. Compton’s black Range Rover Sport.

Then he rolled over on his tracks and crushed the huge metal shovel in one of the company’s truck cabs.

And Verity wanted to continue their rampage, destroying more of the company’s 60-man truck fleet, before Mr. Compton himself managed to deactivate the excavator.

Along with the rest of the staff, Mr. Crompton managed to get Verity out of the cabin, who was having difficulty restarting the vehicle.

Mr Crompton said: “He [Verity] has been fired several times in the past, one chance at a time. I gave him about six or seven chances.

“He came to work on Saturday and couldn’t work.

“He went home and came back. He was very drunk, his eyes were glassy and he was obsessed.


“I think he drank more drinks and cocaine at home – it got ripped out of his head.

“He got his own keys from the shovel and smashed my car, which another day could have left my little nephew asleep, then went to destroy the trucks which were all parked.

“We are not open to the public on Saturdays, but there were workers who maintained the vehicles and there was a real risk to their lives.

“If that shovel hits you, you’ll want to lose a limb or even your life.”

Videos that went viral on social media showed Mr Crompton’s sister Margaret walking towards the moving excavator and gesturing for Verity to stop before Mr Crompton managed to reach for the handle of the truck. dead man in the cab and the vehicle. to deactivate.

CCTV footage and cellphone films shown in court showed him destroying the high-end black Range Rover 4×4 before deliberately colliding with a DAF truck.

Verity pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal harm in Bradford Crown Court on September 28 last year.

Prosecutor Ryan Donoghue said Mr. Crompton was able to climb into the shovel cabin and while struggling with Verity he was able to pull an emergency lever to stop the machine.

Verity called it abuse when he was held down and threatened to “come back and burn the rest,” the court was told.

The two vehicles destroyed by Verity would have been worth more than £ 200,000 if they were new.

Verity’s attorney, Giles Bridge, said the insult was atypical.

He was having a personal crisis after two bereavements at the time, he was suffering from mental health issues and had thrown a few cans of lager that morning.

Recorder Simon Eckersley described the crime as a shocking act of willful vandalism.

He told Verity, “I believe the inevitable sentence should be served immediately.”

Mr Crompton said shortly after the rampage he feared Verity was heading towards the company’s fleet of 60 vehicles valued at £ 6million.