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Who is David Fouts ( Man was found dead in a ditch ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident, Investigation and More Facts

David Fouts

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When technology consultant David Fouts was found dead in a ditch on a rural Indiana highway in April, investigators did not know how the 50-year-old man got there and how he was doing. dead.

Days before his body was found, the avid cyclist and longtime dog lover who adopted four greyhounds told his stepdaughter that he wanted to buy bikes for his two sons and that he wanted them. assemble yourself to be safe. The Indianapolis Star reports that the children were safe while traveling.

He seemed fine, his stepdaughter Carrie Lee Gentry told Star. “Nothing special,” he said of Fouts, a senior advisor to the tech giant Salesforce in Indianapolis.

On April 24, a woman walking her dog in a deserted area of ​​Overdorf Road in Noblesville, Hamilton County, found the crumbling body of a man later identified as Fouts, Fox 59 reports.

She had cuts on her hands and pieces of duct tape on her wrists and ankles, but there were no other outward signs of bad play, Fox 59 reports.

An autopsy found that Fouts’ body had been moved after his death, but gave little evidence of how he died, the star reports.

John Chaflin Argue

“It’s a real headache,” coroner John Chaflin told The Star in April.

After months of investigation Friday, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office announced that Fouts’s wife, Katrina Fouts, 54, of Pendleton, and her longtime friend Terry Hopkins, 64, of Richmond, had been arrested. and charged with murder.

Katrina Fouts is charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, misinformation and failure to report a body.

Hopkins, a retired police officer, is charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and failure to report a body.

The toxicology report was inconclusive, but recently released police documents show authorities believe the most likely cause of death is pieces of poisonous mushrooms found in her stomach, Fox 59, CBS4 Indy and Star Report. .

“There was a poisonous substance in his stomach that, if left untreated, is fatal,” the coroner told The Star.

Investigators said they found a screenshot of information about poisonous mushrooms on Katrina Fouts’ phone, CBS4 Indy reported.

Katrina Fouts reportedly did not report her husband missing or attempt to contact her husband after his disappearance in April, investigators say in the indictments, Fox 59 reports.

DNA found on David Fouts T-shirt

Investigators said they found DNA evidence on David Fouts ‘t-shirt that linked Hopkins, an old family friend, to Fouts’ death, an affidavit reported.

According to Star’s affidavit, she allegedly purchased several suspicious items, including duct tape.

Hamilton County sociologist Thomas Sozio wrote that “fungi in the deceased’s stomach were identified as Leucocybe connatum as the cause and type of death,” the star reports.

Hopkins, whom Katrina Fouts called “Pops,” had known her her entire life and, according to Star reports, she helped care for her father.

Hopkins called her “MKFAM” (my son from another mother), the researchers said.

Prosecutors gave no reason.

Katrina Fouts and Hopkins have yet to perform. Katrina Fouts’ attorney had no comment. No attorney is listed in the Hopkins court documents.