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David Hunter

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A former British miner who killed his terminally ill wife in Cyprus says life without her is ‘like a black hole’.

David Hunter, 75, from Northumberland, has been charged with the murder of his wife David Janice, 46, at their home in Paphos in December 2021 – but his lawyers told the court the charges should be reduced to assisted suicide.

Ms Hunter was diagnosed with terminal blood cancer in 2016 and after watching her sister die from the disease, “she knew what was going to happen,” said Mr Hunter.

The trial of the former miner, who also attempted suicide on the same day, began yesterday in Paphos District Court after being postponed twice previously.

Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse, he said: “It wasn’t just my wife, she was my best friend. It’s like a black hole.

“Janice’s sister had died of leukemia and saw what was about to happen.

“He said I didn’t want to go through that. He knew the symptoms and saw them coming.

The couple moved to Cyprus from Ashington after his retirement in 2002 – 14 years later Ms Hunter was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Claiming that Mr Hunter took action to end his wife’s suffering, the widower’s legal team attempted to reduce the murder charge to assisted suicide, but the Cypriot Attorney General dismissed the claim.

If convicted of murder, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment, meaning he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

He told the Telegraph: “He said, ‘Promise me you’ll help me if I ever get it. I said “yes of course”. He said, “No, you don’t understand. I don’t want to go through this.

“He knew the symptoms and he knew they were getting worse.”

Mr Hunter was brought to court in a Nicosia prison police van wearing a black jumper, jeans and trainers; looked fragile, according to ITV News.

The hearing was also attended by the investigator who helped collect 35 items from the couple’s home in December last year.

Items recovered from Tremithousa’s home included clothing, a mobile phone, an empty pill bottle and a blue notebook, the court heard.

When he got home, where he found Mrs. Hunter dead in a chair, she gave Mr. Hunter the usual caution.

The 75-year-old’s lawyers questioned whether he was questioned by police before or after he testified.

The court was also told that Mr Hunter had not been given a translator.


Investigator Christoforos Christoforou told the court: “I told him: ‘You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, but anything you say can be noted and presented as evidence. In court.”

Mr Hunter was then taken to the hospital where his stomach was pumped. He was held in intensive care before being transferred to a psychiatric hospital for ten days.

Euthanasia is currently illegal in Cyprus, however there is much debate in the country’s Parliament about changing this situation.

Mr Hunter, who admitted to choking his wife, was said to be in “a bad mood” when he made the decision, according to his lawyer.

Michael Polak, of Britain’s legal aid organization Justice Abroad, said, according to the Telegraph: “His wife had just died, there were no lawyers or interpreters and she was in intensive care.

“The testimony was not registered by the police either.”

The pensioner has been in a prison in Nicosia – the capital of Cyprus – since January, where he shares a cell with 11 other men.

Speaking to reporters, he said: “It’s a bit noisy. I just try to live day by day. I have to say I was treated well.

The couple’s daughter, Lesley Hunter, spoke about the trial from her home in Cyprus after health conditions prevented her from traveling.

He told ITV News: “It’s very difficult for us as a family.

“Nine months of anxiety weighed heavily on me, but nothing will change my love or support for my father.”

Mr Hunter had worked for 41 years at Ellington Mine, which was once the world’s largest underwater mine.

The process is now updated. It will continue on Thursday when prosecutors summon witnesses.

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