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Who is David Michael Moss (Accused in Murder of 7 years old girl)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Accused, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

David Michael Moss

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Tattoo artist David Michael Moss has never been convicted before, according to records An Edmonton man was charged with second-degree murder in the death of seven-year-old Bella Rose Desrosiers.

David Michael Moss Age

He is 34 years old.

Bella Rose Desrosiers Age

She was 7 years old.

David Michael Moss appear in Court

David Michael Moss was scheduled to appear before Elizabeth Johnson Provincial Court judge in Edmonton on Wednesday morning for the first time, but did not show up, court documents said.

Victim’s mother

The victim’s mother, Melissa Desrosiers, described Moss as a friend and said she was experiencing a personal crisis on Monday.

Desrosiers told CBC News that she convinced Moss to ask for help and took him home. She said she plans to take him to the hospital on Monday or Tuesday night.

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She said she was putting her daughters to bed when Moss suddenly came into the room with scissors.
The police were called to their home in Mill Woods, southeast of Edmonton, at 8:45 pm.

“Moss was reported to have stabbed the child in front of his mother,” police said in a statement on Wednesday. “The mother tried to intervene and tried CPR until the paramedics arrived on the scene.
Police said they arrested Moss at the scene that night without incident. He’s still under arrest.

According to court records

According to court records, Moss has no previous criminal convictions.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Friday morning.

“A horrible and horrible crime”

Moss is an Edmonton tattoo artist who started his own business with his wife last year, although he was closed due to the pandemic.

“He is locked up and has four children,” another tattoo artist, Frank Urbanovitch, told CBC News. “He was very, very late in his accounts.”

Urbanovitch described Moss as a family man.

“It is a horrible crime,” he said. “A little girl is dead. I have 21 grandchildren. Children are my life. My heart is broken by all of this.

“But it wasn’t David. It wasn’t David that I knew.”

Urbanovitch’s grandson, Xavier Doucet, started working with Moss in January as an apprentice.

Doucet said he was increasingly concerned about Moss’s mental state.

“I realized that he was sliding slowly and he was stressed, but I didn’t know it was where it would end,” he said.