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Labour MP Dawn Butler accuses Metropolitan Police of racial profiling, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Arrest and More Facts

Dawn Butler

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Labor MP Dawn Butler accused Metropolitan Police of racial profiling after being arrested by officials
The former secretary of state for Shadow Equality filmed the incident on Sunday in London’s Hackney district.

“black friend”

The police arrested her “black friend” who was driving a “nice car” and questioned her while she was in the passenger seat.

In footage recorded by Ms Butler, police said they were raiding the area for “gang and knife crimes.”

Ms Butler told Sky News

Ms Butler told Sky News she was “angry and upset” by the incident, saying city police had a “cancerous” problem related to institutional racism.

She said: “We were arrested because we are two blacks driving a nice car in Hackney.”

Sky News has requested a comment from the Metropolitan Police.

Chief Superintendent Roy Smith wrote on Twitter that he spoke to Ms Butler by phone and added that “she gave me a very balanced report on the incident”.

“She was positive about an officer and gave her opinion on others and the judgment,” he wrote.

“We are listening to these concerns and Dawn is entitled to raise them.”

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