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DeAndre Baker charged with 4 counts of armed robbery, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident Details, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

DeAndre Baker

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New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker is on trial in Florida for four armed robberies after he allegedly stole $ 70,000 in cash and jewelry from four men at a house party on May 13. However, prosecutors have dropped the charges against his alleged accomplice, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton, Dunbar, citing a lack of evidence.

DeAndre Baker Age

He is 22 years old.

DeAndre Baker faces a minimum 10-year sentence

Baker, a 22-year-old Florida native, faces a minimum 10-year sentence and could live a life in prison if convicted, according to Broward County Prosecutor Mike Satz, who released the charges Friday.

Both players reported suspicions of armed robbery on May 16. Although police initially said Dunbar helped Baker, victims were unsure whether or not he had a gun.

Baker and Dunbar are currently on the Inspector’s Exception List, which means they have effectively paid vacation.

The alleged victims have changed their testimony since the May 16 arrests, but may have been forced.

The News reported on July 10 that authorities believe Dunbar and Baker participated in a payment of $ 55,000 to four alleged victims. This belief stems from a search warrant, according to the report, showing that the alleged payment took place on May 15 in the office of Dunbar’s attorney, Michael Grieco.

Baker’s attorney

Baker’s attorney, however, claims his client denied prosecutors, which is why Baker’s name was withheld when they revoked their testimony against Dunbar on May 15.

Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, also alleged he told Broward prosecutors and the FBI that his client was being blackmailed by victims who threatened to go to the Broward website. TMZ gossip, alleging that Baker and Dunbar stole thousands of dollars in silver and jewelry at gunpoint.

“We received information from a third party that if they weren’t paid they would go to TMZ,” Cohen said, quoted by the Sun Sentinel in South Florida. “We knew straight away that it was blackmail and that we would not be part of it.”

The Sun Sentinel also reported that Grieco is being reviewed by the Florida Bar to determine if he was involved in the bribe.

“There was no way he could have seen this transaction,” the arrest warrant said.
In return for the alleged payment, the four unidentified people signed affidavits in which, according to the arrest warrant, they revoked their first statements to the police.

The alleged victims said on May 15 that “no theft or attack, with or without a firearm, has involved Mr. Dunbar.”

According to the Daily News report, Grieco made a statement to the Seattle Times denying the payment.

“Local and federal law enforcement were warned from day one and beyond that the alleged ‘victims’ in this case were actively blackmailing Baker and Dunbar,” Grieco said, according to the Times. ‘These men made up a theft story after waiting an hour to call the police and then immediately started contacting the players asking for money.

“My office has received correct and truthful affidavits which are consistent with the independent witness and my client’s account. These “victims” are seasoned professional criminals who have been arrested and / or convicted of crimes ranging from conspiracy to murder, from human trafficking to filing a false police report. Mr. Dunbar accepted a polygraph and confirmed that he had not participated in any robbery or witnessed a robbery. ”

The 22-year-old Baker was a Giants’ first-round selection in 2019. Last season, he played 16 games, made 15 starts and recorded 61 tackles and eight defended assists.

Dunbar, who turns 28 on July 22, was picked up by Seattle from Washington in March in exchange for a 2020 fifth round selection. Last season he recorded four interceptions, a career-high in eleven games.