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Deborah Spencer

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The death of a Sydney woman who was found unconscious on a runway with a neck trauma five years ago has been reported to the homicide squad.

Deborah Spencer, 51, died at Nepean Hospital in Sydney after being found on a footpath in South Penrith on the morning of May 22, 2016.

The fracture of his hyoid bone in the upper neck was viewed as a significant condition that contributed to his death, NSW coroner Derek Lee said in the results released on Friday.

Mr. Lee couldn’t say for sure how the accident happened.

The evidence before him left open the possibility that Spencer would die after an accidental fall related to alcohol or an episode of interpersonal violence.

“Compared to the latter, the evidence is even less clear as to whether a possible episode of interpersonal violence was a flare-up or strike or a combination of one or more of those acts of violence,” he said. explained.

They told Mr. Lee that local investigators have not yet sought official help or advice from the homicide squad.

The murder detectives’ expertise could benefit from the investigation, the coroner said.

Ms. Spencer’s investigation revealed that she and her boyfriend had been drinking in Penrith since the afternoon of May 21, then settled under the Lemongrove Bridge with a barrel of wine.

A friend said that she saw Ms. Spencer lying on the floor around 10 p.m. but was aware of her surroundings.

At around 10:50 p.m. he received a call from Ms. Spencer’s partner. Teacher: To tell him that he had fallen and that they were going to his friend’s house.

But they never came and the groom ended up in bed with another friend.

Two people saw the groom attempt to wake Mrs. Spencer at around 7 a.m. the next morning.

Both saw Mrs. Spencer with a black eye, while one believed she had seen blood on the groom’s arm, the investigation said.

The groom told a passerby that he had just seen Mrs. Spencer lying on the catwalk.

Ms. Spencer’s blood alcohol level on arrival at the hospital was 0.173 when a large amount of bleeding in the brain was considered “insurmountable”.

Friends later told police that Ms. Spencer, who lived in England until 2001, drank alcohol every day and was known to fall off when she was drunk.

But even Spencer’s injuries seen during his autopsy probably weren’t explained by a single impact, Lee said.

The boy, also drunk on May 21, provided the police with inconsistent reports on various details, including the last time he saw her.

The couple also had a history of suspected domestic violence, and Ms. Spencer told police in March that her boyfriend threatened to kill her and tried to strangle her.

He has already acted in the same way without describing further incidents.

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