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Who is Denise Simonu (Vermont Karen)? Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Denise Simonu

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Denise Simonu of Montpelier, VT has been identified as the ‘Vermont Karen’ seen in a viral video launching a racist speech against Black Lives Matter protesters at a rally supporting law enforcement in Vermont, on Saturday July 25. 2020.

Video widely circulated on social network

The video widely circulated on social networks was first shared on Twitter, it shows a white woman wearing a pink T-shirt with the inscription “VERMONT”, telling the demonstrators: “Black life is not important to me! ” White lives are important.

Denise Simonu complains about how the African American community

Denise Simonu complains about how the African American community receives everything for free and how it has been spoiled for years. “You get everything for free. Everything is free. Blacks have been spoiled for years – she yells at the crowd.

Denise goes on to claim that black people receive free college education. “Free college. Free everything. Your test scores are higher. Everything ”, she hears herself say before adding that“ it is still not enough and it never will be ”. The woman then shows her anti-BLM protest signal to the camera before repeating, “Black life doesn’t matter to me!”

The cardboard sign she saw standing in the video reads “God bless our police force” on one side and “BLM = Terrorist Organization” on the other. One of the protesters can be heard saying, “So are you saying you are a white supremacist? That’s what I hear, ”before asking the woman to identify herself. “Nice to meet you, Karen,” she said before the end of the video.

“demonstration of support for the police of Vermont”

The “demonstration of support for the police of Vermont” took place on Saturday July 25 in Montpellier, to show its solidarity with the police of Vermont. The protest follows protests in Vermont against racial injustice and police brutality. The video appears to have taken place in front of state headquarters, where several people can be seen waving US flags, as well as signs reading “Support our police.”

15 minutes after the rally, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters chanting the racial injustice movement slogans marched forward. The group produced posters with slogans such as “end police brutality” and “abolish the police”. The clash between “Karen” and the demonstrators seems to have dragged on soon after.

Denise Simonu on Facebook

Denise has already excluded her Facebook page, which is widely shared on Twitter.

She worked for the Abbey Group in Vermont, according to a colleague she worked with. In the section about the company, he writes: “The Abbey Group knows good local cuisine. It started over a quarter of a century ago, when he took on the task of feeding the hungry students at Bellows Free Academy High School near St. Albans. Today, The Abbey Group has grown, distributing locations across New England and upstate New York. ”

@momdogz wrote in a tweet, “She worked in the Statehouse cafeteria.

When asked how long she replies,

“Not this year, but the last. I liked to talk to him; she made sandwiches. I couldn’t understand why I was friends with FB with “that woman” in the protest video until I remembered. Sometimes we have talked about how poorly paid public servants are. “