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Who is Devon Lewis ( Drug dealer trail delay due to his wife COVID-19 test positive ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime & court, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Devon Lewis
Devon Lewis

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The Manhattan couple are accused of falsifying positive COVID-19 results to delay their husband’s criminal trial on Long Island: They attacked out-of-state hotels and casinos during the court recess, prosecutors announced Monday.

Devon Lewis, 35, was on trial for drugs the day before the last row when he told the court on Sept. 23 that his wife, Blair McDermott, 36, had tested positive for the virus. according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Lewis backed up her claim by providing the court with a photo of a document that day that showed her positive COVID-19 test, prosecutors said.

The court then decided to stay the trial until McDermott gave a negative answer.

prosecutors said?

Lewis had presented another document photographed by McDermott through her attorney, showing that she tested positive for the disease a second time on October 8.

However, McDermott was later found to have falsified both documents after testing negative results.

“It is reprehensible for anyone to claim to be a carrier of this deadly virus that has taken so much weight off so many people in an effort to avoid the consequences of their own criminal activities,” Suffolk District Attorney Sini said in his testimony.

Investigators found that the couple had been in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland at the time they said their Manhattan apartment would be quarantined.

They have visited many hotels and casinos on their travels, prosecutors said.

After Lewis’s trial restarted on November 12, he was convicted of 12 counts of narcotics.

On Monday, he was charged in the second case for multiple reasons, including forgery and criminal outrage, and was returned without bail.

His wife was charged on December 23 and she was voluntarily released.