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Jason Roche charged with murdering teen Devonte Ortiz due to July 4 fireworks, Devonte Ortiz Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Twitter, Murder Accused, Reason of Killing, Investigations, Trial, Victim’s Mother Statement and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Devonte Ortiz

Devonte Ortiz Short Biography – Wiki

The trial of an Austin man accused of shooting and killing a boy Devonte Ortiz who set off fireworks with his friends on July 4 began Tuesday morning.

Devonte Ortiz- Age

He was 19 years old.

Devonte Ortiz- Murder Accused

Jason Roche is accused of the murder of Devonte Ortiz.

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Devonte Ortiz- Lit Fireworks in Apartment

Police say Ortiz and friends lit fireworks in the Pleasant Hill apartments on Anken Drive in the early morning of July 4, 2018. Investigators say Roche asked the young men to stop, returned to an apartment, then came out later and started telling them to stop fireworks again.

Then, the investigators say that the situation degenerated and Roche Ortiz was shot. Ortiz later died in hospital.

In Tuesday morning’s opening speeches, the prosecutor said that Ortiz had a gun, but that he put it with a tire before his shot. Prosecutors said Ortiz was not a threat when he was shot, and two separate cellphone videos from that night would show it.

Roche’s defense lawyer

Roche’s defense lawyer informed the jury that Roche was defending his father. He said that Roche’s father was older and disabled, and a service dog excited by the fireworks that were shot around 1 a.m.

The defense says that when Roche first came out and told the young men to stop shooting fireworks, there was racist language on both sides.

Thereafter, Roche’s lawyer said that Roche had returned and dressed and that he was ready for his nighttime construction work in the downtown area. He told the jury that Roche had a gun license and that he would carry a gun every night for safety reasons and work in the downtown area. According to Roche’s lawyer, Roche had a pistol on him when he went out and again faced the group with fireworks.

Roche’s lawyer informed the jury that there could be several weapons among the group of young men and that Ortiz had taken out a machine gun from a vehicle and then set it down.

After a few arguments, Roche’s lawyer said that Ortiz had banged Roche’s father and that Roche had turned around, had seen that his father had been banged and had shot Ortiz because he thought he was protecting his father against murderous violence.
A witness who called Ortiz 911 shortly before the shot informed the court that she had seen Roche aim his pistol at the young men and stabbed some with the pistol before shooting Ortiz.

The prosecutor’s office played its emergency call in the courtroom. You could hear him screaming desperately: “Someone was shot”, then: “He was shot in the chest!”

Devonte Ortiz- Mother Statement

Ortiz’s mother informed the court when she was informed that her son had been shot. She ran and saw Roche holding a pistol and Roche’s father kneeling and cursing his son.

Prosecutors called five witnesses on Monday – four were present when Ortiz was shot, the other was an investigator from the Austin Police Department. The prosecution is expected to bring five more people to the witness stand.

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