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Who is Donna Scirocco ( Woman 59, Arrested after find more than 30 animals in her home ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Donna Scirocco

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A Connecticut woman was arrested after authorities found three dead animals in her home and seized more than two dozen cats, as well as several dogs, squirrels and an owl

Hamden police said Donna Scirocco, 59, turned herself in Tuesday on the basis of an arrest warrant charging her with six counts of animal cruelty.

Animal control officers carried out a search warrant in Scirocco on Oct. 26 after neighbors complained of a stench and rats roaming the neighborhood, authorities said.

Police said they found 26 cats, six dogs, two caged squirrels, two large rats and a blind owl. It is said that one of the dogs clung to life.

Investigators said they also found three dead animals, including two cats and a marmot. Taxidermic animals have also been found in your home.

Live animals were taken to veterinary clinics for evaluation. Some had to be euthanized while others were taken to animal shelters.

Scirocco posted $ 5,000 in bond and was called to court on February 5.